It's important not to cut too short when cutting the lawn. Here you get the tips you need to cut the lawn correctly.

Cut the lawn? Then you're right

Cut the lawn? Then you're right

A smooth and well-lawned lawn is nice to keep your eyes on and it's for play and traffic. The meadow is beautiful, but you do not have much use of it as a carpet. The smallest green patch with well-groomed grass can be effective even in stone rocks.

A moderate cut does not damage the grass plant as it grows to the height of the leaf base and does not have the growth point at the top like most other plants.

It is through the photosynthetic activity of the plant that all the pulp is produced, which, in turn, means that you need to calculate and leave greenery for a new and fast photo synthetic production.

If you cut the grass so low that the risk of recurrence is at risk You also lost the most important rule of thumb: never remove more than 30-40 percent of the leaf mass every time you cut!

Picture: When cutting high grass, do not take more than 30-40% at a time.

Regardless of what type of lawnmower you still have, the knife or knives must be adjusted so that the cutting becomes even throughout the surface, without groove or cutting. The setting is the same as raising or lowering the wheels. Best and comfortable, multiple wheels, two or four wheels are regulated with a single handle. Setting each wheel separately requires more attention. It's unfortunate that the rotary clipper, who always has four wheels, does not get all the wheels set at the same height, and therefore will cut skewed.

Gently try the lawn at the edge of the lawn before cutting height is determined too well. It is better to start the trimming with a machine with a high position than to risk the grass with a low setting.

When the grass is dry it is easiest to cut, but it is also possible with the modern cliffs to cut wet grass, either the ditch is left or when it has rained. During wet summers, you simply have to cut in spite of such circumstances, and then you really appreciate the technical advances made on the machine side.

Wet grass as a cut provides easy stopping in machines with collectors and leaves the clip in pieces after the machine lacking or have poor spreading function.

A process that, in conjunction with sunlight, converts carbon dioxide from the air and water from the soil to the sugars gets the structure of the plant. "By-product" is oxygen.

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