Natural and organic bathrooms are a stylish, beautiful but expressive design and minimalist dragon. Here you will find tips for creating a natural bathroom.

Natural bathroom near nature gives tranquility to the soul

Natural bathroom near nature gives tranquility to the soul

We are attracted to the north by the magnificent nature surrounding us, nature that also contributed to the mythical Scandinavian design, It is a stylish, beautiful but expressive design with a minimalist dragon. In the bathroom, we can create our own variant of back to nature theme. There is also a bathroom that provides many possibilities as it may be in classical or modern lines, or a little of each.


The organic bathroom is soft in expression thanks to the earthy colors, the natural materials and the bright impression . Soft tones harmonize with each other and aim to give peace to the soul. Nothing stands out, everything hangs together. Soft lines in the design give a mild impression of space, and the beauty of each furniture is emphasized and gives a life-giving feeling. At the same time, everything in an organic bathroom is functional, into the smallest detail.

Material and color

The material selection is a and o in the natural room, just like in the modern bathroom. Here you can enjoy light wood, natural stone and rugged surfaces. Wood has a given place, both in construction and in detail. It may be bright, or white with classic striped structures, as the interior is built on beautiful boards. Concrete, classic whiteware and glass are beautiful with the wood. The white is replaced by cream and plates and boards may be rustic and sturdy. Green in all earthy varieties works well, like the navy blue.

The interior

Scandinavian design comes in many shapes, ranging from wall-hunged cabinets in book to high-quality wall-mounted cabinets. The organic can also have more exotic, or Japanese characteristics. Here you can choose between classic and modern, or combine the two. The hand basin would like to stand on a beautiful chest of light wood, the bathtub is set on the feet and free in the room. The room chosen for this type of bathroom may be very bright. The light emitted gives the natural light of the room to the room. The lighting in the rest is preferably sober and slightly diffuse, without strong spotlights.


Emphasis is placed on thoughtful details. The bathroom should feel filled without being crowded. Shields in fabric and wood provide a light impression and parts of the room for private tranquility, braided baskets for stylish storage and tram cushions are ideal for many nature rooms. Beautiful cans, dried flowers and matching towels form beautiful elements in the natural bathroom.


The natural bathroom never goes out of time and feels fresh for a long time. There is also a bathroom that many people feel relaxed in and find peace. In the country, the organic bathroom can feel compulsory, given the surrounding environment.

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