Pop rivets and riveting tools. Here you will find tips on blind rivets and riveting tools, as well as rivets when you're going to nibble with popnites.

Nitric Tools and Blind Rod for Nicking in Plates

Nitric Tools and Blind Rod for Nicking in Plates

The art of nita is very old. There are a lot of well-preserved objects attached in this way that originate from the Bronze Age. Nitband is mainly used in metal structures, but with special rivets you can also match insulation boards, wood, etc. There are nints in several sizes, for manual or compressed air. A hand tool with replaceable nozzles is sufficient for most homes and hobbies. Most ship hulls, bridges, locomotives and other sturdy steel structures are attached to rivets. Nitskarvar thus provides very stable and durable joints if properly executed.

Previously, you worked in so-called four-stroke teams in these major riveting work. Two men needed to hit the rivet while a man was on the other side. The fourth warmed the nite and put it in place in the hole. A well-knit nit layer hit this way in 30-40 rivets per hour. Nowadays, there are machines for both punching and riveting in industry, and work is therefore multiply faster. Thanks to this development, there are also some good hand tools for smaller jobs. Pneumatic-powered nitrile guns are expensive in purchasing and may therefore be considered as special equipment.

For the home cutter, riveting is a good option when fastened to posts and the like, where it is difficult or impossible to secure the bracket with screw and nut. Some metal workouts also require you to have a rivet of tools. There are several types of manual ninths. Most are equipped with two or more nozzles and can therefore be used for standard as well as special rivets. An ordinary rivet has a relatively short nose. If you want extra good opportunities to grab hard-to-reach places, you should choose a nosepiece with a little longer nose.

You can also buy an entire pop-nit kit. Then you get pliers, multi-dimensional rivets and reinforcement washers in a case. With this equipment you can do most nudges that can occur in the house, the car and the boat. When you join nuts, the workpieces are permanently joined. You can not open the joint or attachment again. In addition to the usual so-called pop rivets, there are also special titles. They are intended for, among other things, sheet material and solid wood.

There are also threaded rivets. They are used when you need to loosen any part of the structure or attachment.

1. Nozzle
second Nose
third Threaded pulling mandrel to threaded rivets
4. Nozzles for other nitride dimensions
5. Threaded nozzles.
6. Key for replacement and tightening of nozzles.

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