Painting the front door? What do you need to think about? Here you will find great tips on how to renovate, laser, oil or paint on an outside door.

Oil or paint on a front door - How to do

Oil or paint on a front door - How to do

The front door is the "jewelery" of the house fa├žade if you nurture it well. A well-kept front door enhances the appearance of the house and the surrounding garden. On the other hand, a sun-colored or flattened front door can have a well-kept house to look a bit shameful. Therefore, the front door is not only used to keep the indoor heat indoors and the thieves outside. It will also give a guest-friendly impression to the guests of the house.

When buying a new front door, you will also find out how long the color should last - usually between five and eight years. If you buy a painted exterior door, you should wash it with regular soapy water at least once a year and grow it with a standard car wax for metallic paint because it is not containing silicone.

Renovate and paint on the front door

Regardless of The color flakes or you can not paint the front door when it starts to look tired. If the surface is nice and you still want the same color, you basically just have to wash the front door with soda solution, roll up the painting surface and iron the door once. On the other hand, if weather and wind have been tightened the painting will be more extensive.

The teak door is considered to be next to maintenance free. It should be oiled regularly two to four times a year. A door to the south requires treatment before each new season. Summer warming sun can provide a temperature of up to 80oC on the door. Laserized exterior doors, you must regularly review every three every five years depending on weather and weather conditions.

If you want to maintain approximately the same shade on the laser, you can use uncoloured lasers with 2% interference with the color that the front door has previously been treated with. Talk to your color trader so he mixes to the lasyr for you. All exterior doors need to be taken care of to keep you comfortable for many years.

This is what you need to paint a front door:

Tools: Bucket (1) ) Cleaning sponges (8) Brushes (9)

Material: Masking tape, Color detergent, Target soda, Paints, Elastic Dust, Lacquer, Oil-alkyd, Lasyr, Outer Door Wood, Trasor, Bocks.


Never cover a furnace door! The color makes the furufaneret crack and loosen. On the other hand, you can read the pine doors. Never use sandpackle to replenish cracks in a front door. Spacklet is water-soluble and can therefore easily be detached. Always complete damage to the door with a resilient pit.

Pre-work before starting to paint the front door.

3.Open the front door with an oil for outdoor doors. Use a cloth or sponge and work from the bottom up, then it will run less.

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