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, like most construction products, have several markings that mean different things. How to indicate what applies to your front door! Previously approved Swedish doors. Today, this is replaced by CE marking, but the requirements may differ between different European countries.


The P-marking is carried out by the Swedish Testing and Research Institute, SP, and places higher demands on function, environment, efficiency and safety than in building legislation, and that the front door has

SFDK - Swedish Window & Door Control

Swedish windows and door controls are the industry's optional labeling that shows that the door meets a number of basic requirements.

EI degree

The EI degree shows how long the door is able to prevent fire spread. For EI30, for 30 minutes.

The U value

U-wt shows how the energy-efficient front door is. The lower the value the better the insulation. A good U value is today around 1.0.

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