Building Overmarkspool? What should you think of, which one should choose which one is best? Here you will find great tips on supermarkets and good to know about materials, installation and accessories before building, choosing or buying a pool above ground.

Ovanmarkspool - Great Tips for Building and Selecting

Ovanmarkspool - Great Tips for Building and Selecting

Above Mark Spool is an economical alternative for anyone who wants a hero own pool. The pool is built as the name suggests above ground and is self-supporting. But there are supermarkets that can be digged halfway into the field. This means that an overmark spool fits for several different types of plots.

What is an above-ground spool?

Ovanmarkspooler is a swimming pool that stands on the ground without being dug into the ground. They are what are called self-supporting and maintain the weight of the water without surrounding support. They are like huge bathrobes with surrounding frames. This makes them easy to install - and to build. No expensive soil preparation is needed and no long build times are required to get the pool ready.


The material for an overmark spool is often a kind of PVC for the "tub" or the shape itself. There are also molds made of wood, fiberglass and other materials. Around this is a wooden frame built up that keeps the pool stable. Stag or other stabilizing struts are common to really get a pool to hold. Until the surface of the pool itself comes - a so-called liner. It cleans the inside of the pool. An overmark spool can often not be buried, but would impede the surrounding pressure. On the other hand, there are pool shapes that can be dug down and stand alone. These are suitable in hilly fields where a portion of the pool is buried and the other side becomes independent.

Easy to install

Unlike ground pools that need to be buried, supermarkets need to be on the ground. This makes them an affordable option for those who want a home entertainment app. This also applies if a rather extensive building is needed to create a nice deck around the pool. A good staircase is also a prerequisite. The advantage of an overmark pool is just the simple installation. You can also move the pool, or disassemble it at will. The disadvantage is that the pool takes a lot of space in the garden, which affects the appearance of the garden considerably. It also takes up any views from the house.

Accessories a swimming pool above ground

To a complete pool, stairs to the edge, both on the outside and inside, are important. It is also good with a heavy lighting in the pool. It can be difficult to create an ambient lighting that illuminates the pool edge, which makes the lighting in the pool even more important at an overmark spool than at a field pool. Cleaning and vacuum cleaners and sand filters facilitate pool cleaning and a heating system in any form makes the season for bath and play extended to the most important. There are several options for it - heat pumps and heat exchangers give everyone good energy for the money. A solar system heating system is efficient and very energy-efficient.

Thinking of

The location of the pool is very important. Surrounding trees that shade and can fall leaves are not recommended. An overmark spool needs a lot of surrounding surface and should be completely flat. Always plan the pool building very carefully considering the nature of the land and the plot and other factors that can record. Take care of neighbors and do not build a larger pool than what really takes place. A regular size is 4 times 8 meters, but it is good enough with dimensions that are good much less than that. Building permits are rarely necessary for a pool, but always check with the building board in the municipality before the building begins. Also tell about any pool tires and rails that are planned - they may affect the requirements for building permits.

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