What types of wood is there outside Europe? Here you will find information and tips on overseas functional qualities.

Overseas wood qualities and wood

Overseas wood qualities and wood

Of course, the woodland is dominated by domestic woods, where pine is the most common. But also the imported wood offers a variety of choices. Some wood qualities are very exclusive, such as ebony, sold by weight, briar picked from a bush bush, and zebrano, used exclusively in the finest intarsia plants.

Olive wood, rosewood, limba and rosewood are some other examples. Giving to most is that they are not always easy to get over. Most import activities are also quite expensive, just because of their exclusivity. But there are also imported timber that, thanks to its low price, has gained a foothold on the Swedish market - at least in periods.

Sometimes there is reason to be suspicious, especially when it comes to cultivation of desirable varieties. It happens that different kinds of wood appear under more or less false names.

Different types of imported woods

Puna is a reddish wood that comes from West Africa. The appearance of the work has great similarities to mahogany. Puna is used as well as irochoi first hand to thresholds. Both of these types of activity are considered to be highly resistant to attacks.

Worth knowing

Genuine cedar - Lebanese cedar - is now confident. Today, only red cedar, which is an entrace, and Central American cedar, is used. The latter is light red, while the former has reddish core.

Pitch Pine is wood from a North American pine species. The wood is most used for interior decoration and is characterized by large twist unit. The fold is heavy and a little brittle, but has good strength. The surface is yellow and the core is reddish brown and the anniversaries are strongly marked.

Both of these woods can be difficult to get on the Swedish market. This is because the wood species are subject to strict restrictions on plant protection.

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