Painting shutters? Here you will get good tips on shutters and do it yourself instructions on how to paint wooden shutters.

Painting shutters - Do-it-yourself instructions

Painting shutters - Do-it-yourself instructions

This article provides you with detailed information and step-by-step instructions with explanatory photos on how to paint shutters.

The carpentry details of the house are to be maintained regularly to keep the wood well and last for a long time. This also applies to window shutters, whether they are set as decoration or if they are to act as a shield for heat or cold.

The best time for all outdoor painting is no doubt the spring, but you can lift the doors and make indoor maintenance play the lesser season. In our country, we do not use shutters to the same extent as in many other countries. In southern countries, shutters are often used as protection against excessive solar radiation, while in the Nordic countries we primarily use the gaps when, for example, the holiday home is to be rebooted for the season.

The closed shutters primarily protect against heavy winds, rain and snow, but also in view of the empty cottage, against wild birds and even against burglary. In order for the shutters to provide effective protection, keep the work in good trim and regularly check the hinges and locking devices.

Even if you only have shutters to enhance the look of the house, they should be maintained on a regular basis. If you do not, soon the decoration turns into a mischief and the whole house looks decaying. If you want to cover the previously painted wood, you can choose a cover house. If the doors previously painted with alkyd paint should be painted with the same color type.

When selecting the color for the shutters, the choice is often controlled by the color you have chosen for other carpenters. Common colors are white, black or brown. In southerner countries, the choice often falls in clear green or blue shades that contrast well with the often white painted facades. If you choose color with regard to temperature, it may be good to know that dark colors absorb solar heat while light reflects the heat. This means that a black painted surface exposed to strong sunlight can be heated up to + 90 ° C while white painted at the same solar radiation does not get hotter than about + 50 ° C.

Window shutters are available in many models and therefore you should choose one or a pair of scratches that are suitable for the shutters you are going to maintain. Fully smooth shutters are easily scratched with a parquet scraper, also known as a scraper scraper. For example, if the shutters are of jealousy model, you should also have access to a small triangle scraper. Never paint when the wood is moist, but you will easily scratch the paint when the wood is a little damp. Do not overdo it because you can damage the wood with the sharp scraper blade.


If your shutters are previously painted with a variety of layers of paint, you may need to remove all the paint properly down to the clean wood. Otherwise, the newly painted surfaces become uneven and ugly. This work can be greatly facilitated by using a hot air gun in combination with a really sturdy color scraper.

Worth knowing

If you find it easy to scratch all old paint, there is a good option. This means that you are ironing a color detergent that you can buy in color stores. However, if using such means, it is important that you rinse the painted surfaces on the shutters carefully and then allow the wood to dry thoroughly before painting.


Never paint the shutters contact surfaces with latex paint. When closing the gaps, the color areas can stick together and the work is intact. In the worst case, you may have to force the hatches with a knife or miter iron to prevent damage to the wood.

This is what you need to paint shutters:

Screwdriver (1) Hammers (2) Sponge (3) Buckle (4) Steel brush (5) Parquet scraper (6) Triangular scraper (8) Steel plaster (9) Brush (10) Small round plunger (11) Oval anchor (12) ev. Small paint brush (13) Angle hook (14) Straight iron (15) ev. Stain.

Protective Plastic or Paper, Masking Tape, Target Soda, Fine-grain Wood Slip Paper, Metal Slip Cutter, Outdoor Sealant, Shellack, Wood Plug, Wood Thread, Primer, Alkyd Paint, Cover Glass.

1.It is best if you can lift the shutters when painting them. Unscrew hinges and other fittings.

2. Wash shutters and fittings with scouring soda and sponge. Then rinse thoroughly in several volumes of clean water.

3. Steel brush all metal fittings. It is important that all loose color and rust disappears.

4. If the fries have a larger rusting grip, grind the grate with a release paper for metal.

5. Use a grip-friendly scraper and scrape all loose-fit color on the doors.

6. With the triangular scraper you will get easier if the doors are richly decorated or of a jalousie model.

7. Fix any cracks with pulp intended for outdoor use and steel patch. Let dry.

8. Tear down irregularities in the wood and around layers with fine grained slip paper. Slip along the tree's vein.

9. Brush off all abrasive dust with a 12 soft brush so that the paint surface is completely free from loose particles.

Painting of the shutters

1. Examine the shutters carefully. Keftholes that can cause bleeding of the skin should be scratched with a shellac.

2. In order for the shutters to hang well, you should plug the screw holes. Put the wood in the holes and hit the wooden plug with a hammer.

3. Turn off the wooden plug when the glue has dried. Use hammers and tuning iron.

4. Thoroughly paint the cleaned and ground metal fittings with rust protection paint. Let dry.

5. Cover metal fittings with bold alkyd paint in a suit that matches the gaps. The most common is black or white.

6. Ground all clean scratched wood surfaces with an oil alkyd primer for outdoor use. Let dry for 4 5 hours.

7. It is important that all surfaces and joints of the wood are properly saturated with paint.

8. Cover the shutters 1-2 times with the drying time between them. Use a round and a flat brush.

9. When both hinge fittings and hatches are completely dry, screw the fittings with new screws.

10. Paint the screws in the same color as the fittings.

Worth knowing when to paint the shutters

If you are going to install completely new shutters and paint them yourself, it is most convenient to paint all the wood parts before You screw them into the finished gaps. Then you will have trouble when painting hard-to-reach lots. You can facilitate the painting of the shutters by spraying them with a paint spray.

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