Pedigree? Here you will find tips on tribal exchanges and good advice when you need to change strains in your condominium or carry out a change of stall in your villa.

Pedigree - fresh strains for house durability

Pedigree - fresh strains for house durability

A stall changeover is a major renovation where all pipes and pipelines are replaced in the property. The intervention is a must sooner or later, and the renovation does not just mean changes of pipe. Even the walls and floors of the bathroom must be replaced when a change of stock becomes reality.

The strains

A strain replacement is a necessary update of the house's most important features. To the tribes of the house are usually the common pipes that lead to fresh water or sewage to and from the house. The pipelines are also changed at a change of stock, and in a villa the pipes all the way to the cranes and drain wells are also replaced if necessary. These will be updated as soon as any room is renovated, but it is not always done yet. The strains, regardless of the material in which they are made, are considered to last for about 40-60 years. Then it's time to change them. The material has had such wear and tear, and perhaps the pipes are so clogged that the function of the pipes can no longer be guaranteed. A change is preferable before the problems are detected.

Other tribes

In addition to strains for sewage and freshwater, there are heating, electrical and ventilation tanks in the house. Even these are worn out over time and need to be replaced. The heat ponds are expected to last for 80 years or more, not least because the system is closed. However, external rust damage is not uncommon and these can lead to leaks. If there is a central heating system, it should also be kept up to date. Embedded channels destroy the possibilities for the air to flow as intended. This is often noticeable, and it is rarely a whole trunk change required. The status of electric and telecom tiers is even more difficult to keep track of. Elstammarna has an expected life of approximately 50 years, and needs to be replaced. In many cases, only the branches in the rooms are replaced when renovations occur, so it may be worth going through the elderly in an older house. An old electrical system that does not hold the mat is a major fire hazard in a house. The telephone lines can be changed when needed. It is important not least if broadband is to be plugged in.

Do not Wait With Replacement Change

Many people go to replace the tribes. It sounds expensive and seems terribly awkward. Who has not heard of poor apartment owners who have changed their homes to another apartment for several months and then come back to a dusty home with a plot of all possessions? But it's not bad to change the tribes of a villa. Nevertheless, it is good to renovate before problems arise. The costs that arise when pipes in walls and under floors are cracking and starting to drain sewage and the like costs unfortunately more than carrying out a strain replacement. As the pipes are hidden in the house, the leaks are difficult to detect before the damage has become extensive. Additionally, villas are a bit less complicated to change strains, and it does not take as long as in a whole property, where many live.

When switching?

To know when it is time for a change of stock, keep an eye on how the wires are handled in the meantime, what they are made of for material and how the water is in the wiring. Old documents and drawings on the house are good to have in what condition the tribes are in the house. It's good to see what has been changed and if different materials have been added. If the wiring is really old, there may be galvanized water pipes for example. They do not last for as long as copper pipes. These may also have been connected to pipes in other materials, for example in bathroom renovations where parts of the wiring have been replaced. When different materials meet, very exciting things can happen.

One of the problems is a galvanic corrosion, a phenomenon that reduces the durability of the pipes. The quality of the water also affects the durability of the wires. Copper has a poorer ability to withstand acidic water than stainless steel pipes.

Renovate at the same time

A smart opportunity to take care of carrying out extensive replacement of the house is when the bathroom is to be rebuilt. For a regular change of stock requires floor and walls to be broken up in the bathroom to access the hidden pipes. At the same time, it means that the adhesive layer underneath tiles and rugs is destroyed. Unfortunately, it's not possible to restore this easily, but what's about is tearing down everything and creating a brand new sealant. Even the kitchen is affected by a strain replacement, but not at all to the same extent. What makes the change so bad in the bathroom is just the unique sealant that has to keep tight exactly everywhere. It is this, and the fact that either sewage or water works during the change itself, which makes a change of stall can be costly and expensive. However, if it can be done when the bathroom is still being renovated, it will be as simple as possible.

In the basement

The pipes that go into the basement can also be tricky to access. These are also partially lying, which means that they are affected even more by the teeth of the time. Here, water can stand, which increases on the corrosion that occurs. These are extra important to replace before cracking. Here else the water can stand and corrosion can lead to a stop in the entire system. It is no fun task to solve once this has happened.


An option that is getting hotter on the market is relining. It is a method of adding a layer of sealant to the inside of the tubes. First, clean the inside of the pipes and then place the seal on the pipes. This requires very careful work and, more importantly, the system stays tight in curves and in branches. This is where most leaks occur. How good the relining is, is much discussed. Most people still seem to agree that a regular replacement of the stock is nevertheless the best when pipes and pipes start to run out. If the pipes are very clogged and already have cracks, the risk is that the work will not be hundred percent. In addition, the other weaknesses regarding water and drainage with a relining are not addressed. In a villa there is also no major reason to tamper with a complete change. The work is not so extensive that the price difference will be decisive. Then it's better to take it safe before it's uncertain and replace the entire system.

Safe Installation

Insurance companies often place high demands on a stock exchange. They usually want to use authorized plumbing companies for the task. These are committed to complying with the industry regulations, called Safe Water Installation, and can also be answered if something goes wrong. The labor cost for the replacement of tribes is deductible.

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