Here are the tips for those who think about cooking with pellets and good to think about choosing pellets heat and cooking with pellets.

Pellets heat - Good tips for choosing the pellet pan

Pellets heat - Good tips for choosing the pellet pan

There are many options for pellet burning, from heat supplements to the tiled stove to modern pellets that require little supervision. When choosing, consider the investment cost, how much time it is prepared to supervise and if the house has had other heating systems earlier.

Oil spill reduces in Sweden. One reason is that oil prices have risen, but also that pelleting has been through as a cheaper or more environmentally friendly alternative. The pellet boilers heat as well as wood burning and oil heating water to radiators, underfloor heating and hot water. However, pellets are cheaper than oil and more comfortable than because the boiler can be fed automatically.

Pellets is a renewable energy source because they are pressed by biomass, often sawdust from the Swedish forest industry. Because the quality is evener than wood, it provides more efficient combustion, which makes the emissions in many cases considerably smaller.

The similarities make it possible to convert the oil boiler with a new burner at a lower cost. But in the long run, it may be worth considering the installation of a special pellet pan. It is more expensive, but more efficient combustion and better system for urination, which means less supervision is needed. The most efficient are boilers with active control that can adapt the combustion to pellet quality.

One should look at their pellets once a week and ash and shake once a week. Therefore, if you want to travel on longer journeys, you may want to have another option for heating. A pellet pan designed for the coldest winter days is also ineffective in the summer as it warms the hot water. Then you can supplement the accumulator tank and electric cartridge, or electric boiler for hot water production during the summer. Or why not heat the hot water with solar cells during the summer?

There are also pellet boilers that heat with circulating hot air. The fuel is filled once a day and then automatically fed into the stove. This is an option for those who have direct electricity and want to reduce their electricity consumption. A pellet stove can often replace 70 percent of the electricity heat demand.

You can even cook pellets in a pellet basket in their wood burning stove or tiled stove. It provides energy-efficient heat with less ash than before. However, it is important that all pellets burn out before adding more.

Advantages of pellets heat

+ Cheaper and more environmentally friendly than oil firing

+ There are many options that make pellets burning compatible with other energy types.

Pellets heat perversion

- Requires some supervision

- May be economical in summer as the plant simply produces too much heat

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