Worth knowing about plastic flooring. Here you will find tips about plastic flooring, also called vinyl flooring before choosing plastic flooring for your bedroom, kitchen or playroom.

Plastic flooring - Tips for choosing plastic flooring

Plastic flooring - Tips for choosing plastic flooring

The one who really wants to choose freely between shapes and colors is right in choosing a plastic floor. No matter how you want the floor to look, there is certainly a plastic floor that matches that idea. Moreover, the plastic floor is easy to handle and durable, which makes the floor comfortable. The only downside of a plastic floor is actually the environmental aspect.

What is plastic flooring

Plastic flooring is itself made of plastic and became the most common flooring material in our Swedish homes during the 20th century. Then it's still. Because the plastic used is a kind of vinyl, the floor is also known as vinyl flooring by some manufacturers. There are a variety of grades on the plastic floor. Different varieties are suitable for different rooms. For example, a wet room mat is a plastic mat that complies with the rigorous requirements for wet rooms. Some plastic floors have a blanket on the underside. This makes the floor more comfortable to wear because it feels softer and warmer. In addition, it becomes quieter in the room of the silencers of the felt. The upper side is often protected by a layer of polyurethane, a water and dirt repellent. It takes a long time and does not require the floor to be protected by either wax or polish.

Floor tiles or floor mat

Plastic flooring is supplied in the form of floor tiles or floor mats. Carpets need to be cut correctly and can then be loose or glued. The easiest way is if the carpet has a sufficient width, so it does not need to be twisted. If splitting is needed, the waves are wrapped around. Gluing is recommended for kitchens and in the hall, while bedrooms can for example have a loose carpet. In addition, the floor must always be glued if the underlying floor is removed. A loose carpet works best on an already existing floor. However, the risk of loose carpet is that bubbles will be bumped in the material, and it may be damaged if heavy furniture is moved around. The loose carpet is folded on the sides and the folding is hidden from the floorboards. Until there are accessories that are striped. These stripes can be used to make patterns on the carpet.

Choosing plastic flooring

With increasing interest in unique interior design and personal space, plastic flooring has become increasingly interesting among home and apartment owners. They come in all the imaginative colors and patterns. To its function, plastic flooring is excellent flooring for bathroom, kitchen and playroom. They basically tolerate all kinds of games and tacks, just wipe and look fresh for years. Thanks to modern surface layers, the plastic floor is harder than ever before. The surface treatment also gives a shine that looks fresh and fresh for a long time. One disadvantage is that it can be repelled, for example, of stones or chlorine. There, then, the linoleum floor is a more sustainable alternative, because it says to act as the mass it is. Keep in mind that the bathroom should have a special type of plastic mat to be approved. It is called a wet room mat.

Environmental aspect

One aspect that speaks of the plastic cat's disadvantage is the environmental aspect. Plastic is an oil product can only be recycled to a limited extent. With the many natural flooring materials that are available to choose from, it is therefore primarily the price and the huge range of colors and patterns that make the plastic mat an attractive option. On the other hand, the plastic mat is a good alternative from the local environmental perspective, as it is easy to keep clean in, for example, the children's room.

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