Pool Lighting for Swimming Pool. Here you will find great tips about pool lighting when choosing lighting for the pool. You'll find tips on different types of pool lighting like spotlight and LED lighting and what you need to keep in mind when placing lighting in the pool and lighting around the pool that can create a myth factor.

Pool Lighting - Great Tips for Choosing Lighting for the Pool

Pool Lighting - Great Tips for Choosing Lighting for the Pool

But a good pool lighting gets the pool character. The lighting also allows the pool to be used safely and comfortably throughout the day. Of all the accessories available, the lighting of the pool is the most important.

The pool lighting fills two very important features. It gives a huge myth factor to the evening bath and to the whole garden during the dark hours of the day. Secondly, it provides a security for night bazaars in all its sizes. Good with light reduces the risk of bathing significantly. Therefore, plan the pool lighting right from the start, so the pool will be useful whenever you want.


The traditional pool lighting consists of spotlights underwater. The lamps that provide light are often strong and have a high wattage. This is because it requires lots of brightness to really penetrate the water. For weak lights do not provide the lighting required for good safety. Spotlights for spotlights are quite cheap to buy, but on the other hand, take a lot of power. Moreover, they do not last very long and therefore need to be replaced at regular intervals.

LED Lighting

Modern pool lighting is based on energy-efficient and effective LED lighting. It deducts only one fifth as much energy as a regular lamp, so even if the lamp itself is more expensive, it's an economical and environmentally friendly option for the pool owner. The burning time is also significantly longer than for a normal bulb. The LED lighting design is pulled with low current, making it a safe option for the pool.


Pool lighting can be made of plastic or stainless steel. The choice is often determined by the budget available. The best thing is if the steel is acid resistant so that the steel structure is not clogged by the chlorine-rich water in the pool. There are also beautiful bronze lights to buy. The lighting comes as a whole kit or as individual lamps. It is important to choose the right lighting for the pool to be built or already existing. There are lights that are suitable for different types of pools.

Location of the pool lighting

The pool lighting is usually placed above or below the water surface along the wall of the pool side. It is also possible to install lighting at the bottom of the pool. It can give a wonderful effect. They may be superimposed or built-in. The assembly usually takes place at the pool building itself, with models that can be installed in existing pools. They hang on the pool wall. It is effective to place the lighting along the long sides but a beautiful alternative, especially in smaller pools, is to put the lighting in the corners of the pool. Keep in mind that built-in lights are more difficult to change and move than surface systems. However, they are built-in more durable and are not noticeable when the pool is used.

Amounts of variants

Those who are tired of having just plain white lighting in the pool are right to invest in a multifarious LED lighting that can change color at any time. Whoever already has a pool and who wants to install lighting can buy for lighting outside the pool side. However, it does not give the same effect as if the lighting is installed at the pool building itself. Therefore, consider the choice of lighting carefully before construction, even if there is a standard kit included in the pool system to be purchased.

Other lighting

Lighting around the pool is also important. It does not in any way replace the lighting in the pool itself, but contributes to the safety and myth factor of those staying around the pool. Low luminaires that stand in line next to the pool, or beautiful lanterns that frame the relaxation area at the pool are two nice and quite simple alternatives that give high myth factor. Many other variants are possible and the planning of these lights should depend on the planning of the pool itself from the start.

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