Pool Tires for your Swimming Pool? Here you will find great tips on pool tires when building and selecting the right material for your pool deck.

Pool Tires - Tips for Building and Selecting Materials

Pool Tires - Tips for Building and Selecting Materials

Pool deck makes the pool more than a bathing place. The deck is both practical and handy for keeping the pool and land in order, while providing space and space for qualitative time at the pool edge. Feel free to put on a high quality tire with an area sufficient for the whole summer's activities.

With a huge pool deck around the beloved pool, a living is about more than just swimming. The deck is the place for a relaxed existence, sun laping souls and not least to just enjoy and feel good. Even the dinner table can be placed at the poolside at a pool deck, and there is not much that strikes this for summer experience - a dinner at a glowing pool edge.


It's not just cozy with a pool deck. It's practical too. The pool deck keeps the surfaces around the pool clean from dirt and thus also the pool protected from soil and grass. At the same time no lawn is damaged from corrosive chlorine water. Another advantage is that a pool deck around the pool provides better protection from slipping than the grass does. A pool deck is thus a win-win solution for those who want to combine smart solutions with enjoyable surfaces.

At any pool

Any pool can be fitted with a deck. If the pool is an outdoor pool, a deck can be built next to the pool. Then it may be advisable to build a larger area on a short side and then create once around the pool, not least for economic reasons. A tire also takes a lot of space and to get it nice, it may also be necessary to take sides along the pool deck. Railing is also required which constitutes a larger surface, in order to set sun loungers and tables. An appropriate place is often at the ladder or stairs. For swimming pools located in the south terrain, the tire's surface is usually natural. There is no pool deck where the pool stands out and becomes free.


A pool deck can be built in a variety of materials. Perhaps the most common is a simple wooden deck in impregnated wood. It keeps quite well from hydration but needs maintenance every year with washing and oiling to last. Another option is wood composite. It is a hard and weather resistant material that is next to maintenance free. All that is needed is a wash occasionally. Stone material is really durable and durable. However, they cost a slant, and it is important that the stone chosen is non-slip, even when wet. Frost-proof brick is a colorful and beautiful alternative, as well as natural stones in all its forms.

Fence with railing

To get a pool safe it is always good to construct a fence with rails that frame the pool area. It minimizes the risk of accidents and is also often beautiful and nice. A pole roof gives a natural beaming and, if it is covered a little more, it works at the same time as a good visual insight. Then everyone can swim in peace and quiet without having to worry about having staring neighbors hanging over the plot.

Choose the right

In addition to the pool deck being practical, durable and stylish, it's always nice if it's too goes in line with house and garden. Choose a design that melts into the surrounding area, so the experience of the garden, pool and house total will be. In some cases, building permits are required to construct a pool deck. This applies not least if the deck is combined with a railing or plank or is over 60 cm high. Always check with the municipality's building committee before construction begins.

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