Poolhouse for longer bathing season? Here you will find tips on poolhouses when choosing a pool room that gives you a longer bath and pool season.

Poolhouse - A pool room provides a long bath and pool season

Poolhouse - A pool room provides a long bath and pool season

A utepole in all honor - but it would not be great to have a head cover and protection on the side of the pool when the cold sets and bathing suits nevertheless? The solution is a pool room. The room can be more or less advanced, as required and desired.

Location and function

A pool room is basically built as an outdoor space and can be placed directly adjacent to a house or a stand-alone unit. A fully-contained room is often called a poolhouse. There must be a room adapted to cope with humid environments, as the pool emits a variety of water vapor. It also includes a well-thought-out ventilation system or a pool dehumidifier, and electricity that can handle humid environments. By laying on a pool cover when the pool is not in use, the problem of moisture is reduced considerably, but it does not remove the requirement for ventilation and the rating for electrical installations.


The simplest pool room consists of a ceiling and four walls with a door . However, many choose to have glass parties in the pool rooms to connect the garden and the pool. The glass also lets through lots of light. Some also choose the somewhat more exclusive sliding roof to their pool room. It makes it possible to swim outdoors when heat and sun exist, and to bathe protected when the weather is less attractive. They are both nice and easy to handle, but cost a lot in purchasing. Glass panels in the ceiling are another solution that allows the light to flow into the room. There are also rooms that are made more or less in glass. They often have parts that can be disassembled when the weather is attractive to the outdoor pool. Some models allow fully open solutions in summer weather.

Pool deck

There are two options to choose from for those who want to build a pool room for their pools. One is to build the room around the pool itself and place the deck outside. This can be a nice option because the deck will then be a place to sunbathe. In addition, it will be cheaper than to frame the tire itself. The second is to place the pool deck under cover so that the room becomes a complete bath and relaxation area. Even if the tire is laid outside, it is necessary to calculate enough room for proper pool edges in the room.

Selecting a pool room

Several companies offer ready-made pool room packages, supplied as modules. They may be more or less complete and hold more or fewer features. Often this is an affordable option. One option is to let a construction worker do the whole work. With the help of professional professionals, both a completely unique and space-adapted room can be created, but such a room often costs more than the ready-made pool packages. Both variants can be chosen uninsulated or built insulated.

Thinking of

In general, building permits are required to construct a pool room.

Rules are subject to change, so please visit the Tax Agency's website skatteverket.se for detailed information about which services are included in the root deduction.

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