View wooden window with aluminum profile? Here you will find tips and tips on how to cover the outside of existing wooden windows with aluminum profiles.

View existing wooden windows with aluminum profiles

View existing wooden windows with aluminum profiles

When an old wooden window begins to give up, it does not always have to be replaced completely. This is true even if parts of the window begin to rot. For those parts that rot, often the outer arc's parts are only. These can easily be replaced, and replacing the old boards with aluminum profiles will make the window almost as new again.

Instead of replacing

In an old house, windows refurbishment may often be useful instead of replacing out them. It is rarely a window is rotated straight through. Often there are problems with the window on the outside, while the core and the inside last for several years. Then it may be unnecessary, difficult and even expensive to replace a window just for that matter. With a refurbishment of the outer arches, the cost is clearly lower than changing the entire window. This also applies if we take the heating as a factor. However, refurbished windows that have new sealing strips become the loss of heat over time less than it costs to replace the windows. For windows including assembly costs big money. This is an important factor for many homeowners. It can also be difficult to find comparable windows that match the house both to size and appearance. It is also important. The proportions in a house are determined to a large extent by the windows that exist, and a change in size can give undue consequences for how the house is perceived.


When old wooden windows need to be freshened up, it may be worth thinking that the work should last for a long time. Instead of scratching, kittens, and anything else that needs to be done to get the window fine again, and then have to redo everything just a few years later, there is a possibility to cover the window with aluminum profiles. It's a sustainable alternative, as well as a cheaper alternative to replacing the entire window with karm and everything. Additionally, the house retains its basic appearance.

It's up to

To dress the wooden windows with aluminum profiles is not so advanced. The existing outer arches are replaced with an aluminum profile. Then the bow is often provided with an energy glass to become more energy efficient. This way to refresh a window works on most window types. You can get the profiles in a variety of colors. Then the window basically works like a newly produced wooden window with aluminum profile. The outside is basically maintenance-free, while the inside retains the genuine wood feel. If the inside is also really tired, or no longer fit for any reason, it is also possible to replace it in the same way. The core will still be maintained. To install the profiles correctly, a skilled worker is required. It is rootless, and therefore does not have to be an extremely expensive cost.

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