Want a professional chef? Here you will find 11 tips on what to consider if you are going to create a lightweight and beautiful kitchen with cooking as a lifestyle.

Professional cookie - easy to cook with cooking as a lifestyle

Professional cookie - easy to cook with cooking as a lifestyle

We have all seen them on television - those kitchens that make our orderly lines of solid decor look like like clean frame play school. We talk about the professional cooks - which are built up after use and to put the cooking in focus. Such a kitchen is also suitable in the private home where cooking is more of a lifestyle than a necessity. This will not save you anything in the kitchen. In addition, the professional kitchen needs to be a lightweight kitchen, and a kitchen where the workflow goes like a dance. Although the kitchen is not designed for its appearance per se, it is still a wonderfully beautiful kitchen.

Tips for creating a real professional cookie:

- The industry or professional cookie is built with independent furniture in its entirety. Everything is on the legs.

- The floor is non-slip and withstands great strain. Stones are popular, like tiles.

- Shelves and benches are made of durable, easy-to-clean material. The most practical is stainless steel, but there are also many wooden details. At least in the private cooker.

- The stove has a leading role in the professional cookie. It may be free to be the most costly possible and with a variety of plates and features. The gas stove is extra popular and the really dedicated has several cookers of several different types. There should be plenty of relief areas next to the stove.

- The hot air oven is really added to it, and preferably at the waist level. The one who can afford a real cooker's oven, preferably with steam function.

- Utensils, pans, pots and carrots are strategically placed where it is easy to find them. The storage solutions consist mostly of hanging or setting up the necessary tools so that they are easily found.

- Freezer is well added. The refrigerator can consist of a full cold room adjacent to the kitchen. The freezer can consist of a freezer box, but does not need to be placed in the kitchen itself unless it is allowed to fit.

- There are several water heater in a professional cooker.

- Several benches are available so that the handling of meat and vegetables can be separated from the beginning.

- Stainless on the benches is practical, as it is easy to clean. Having all the tools readily available on shelves instead of hidden cabinets also includes the professional cookie. Separate areas for different types of food preparation, and solid cutting boards are important as well as workflow. Here, several will be able to work efficiently for grand dinners.

- The prick of this is a good general lighting and ventilation.

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