How do you put old fittings? Here you will find great tips and explanatory photographs and a description of how to put up old furniture fittings.

Place old furniture fittings on furniture

Place old furniture fittings on furniture

Many older furniture is decorated with beautiful metal fittings, especially brass or bronze. The metal has often been oxidized over the years, and the herds look dull and sometimes immediately ugly. However, it is usually quite easy to clean and brush the metal.

The treatment often gives the whole furniture a more beautiful exterior. When cleaning clean furniture, it is always best to remove them from their brackets. Then you can easily use cleaners and polishes without risking damage to the wood.

Always use screwdrivers and any other tools that are suitable for the fasteners to be unloaded. If you use a screwdriver with too small or too large a dimension, you will be able to damage the screwdriver and to tear and scratch the furniture or fitting.

When the fittings are mounted, you can also polish all wood surfaces. Then you will eat everywhere and leave polar remains on and around the fittings. When maintaining and renovating older furniture, it is always important to take into account the character of the furniture.

If you are too energetic when washing the fittings - so they look new - the result will not be fully completed.
It may be better to leave some of the old patin for the fittings to harmonize with the wood.

Furniture from the early 19th century, furniture fittings are sometimes burnt-gilded. The treatment, which has now been replaced by electrolytic gelling, involved a surface treatment with a mixture of gold and mercury that was heated and gasified. Burn-gilded fittings you can never polish yellow-blanks and do not treat hydrochloric acid. Gold-brass brass braces are not shining for so long. You extend the durability if you paint them with metal lacquer and a thin brush.

Although this surface treatment is comfortable, lacquered brass does not have the same life as the one that is put on a regular basis. Therefore, be careful before painting. Beautiful ornamental fittings can be a major part of the furniture's character.

The tools and materials that may be needed for cleaning and polishing are: soft lint-free rags, polishes and polishes without abrasives, mild detergents, ammonia, toothpicks, cotton sticks, nail brush and soft brush and any lemon or hydrochloric acid.

Remember to protect tables or other surfaces with plastic or paper while working. If you need to use strong fluids or acids like ammonia or hydrochloric acid, you should always protect your eyes and get away from direct contact. These items can cause eye damage and skin irritations.

Worth knowing when to put old fittings

If brass fittings are hard dirt and hard to clean, gently wash them in a hydrochloric acid solution. Measure 1 In water in a stainless steel bowl and add 2 dl hydrochloric acid in the water. When the fitting is well cleaned rinse thoroughly the hydrochloric acid solution and wipe with a soft cloth. Then polish the brass to the desired shine. Remember to always protect your hands and eyes when working with hydrochloric acid.

1.Remove the fitting carefully so that the wood surface is not damaged. Always use a screwdriver that fits the screwdriver.

2.Clean with lukewarm water and mild detergent, possibly with a few drops of ammonia. Use nail brush.

3.Place the metal with a non-repellent polish. Use a soft, lint-free cloth.

4.Smelt in hard-to-reach places on viscous fittings you can get rid of using a toothpick.

5.Polish the surface to a shine that matches the furniture that the fittings should sit on.

6.Lose 3hg yellow soap in 2 liters of water. Pour 1/2 hg of technical oxalic acid and 3 dl of 30% ammonia. Insert the fence.

7. Lift the tweezers with tweezers after about 15 minutes. Brush away all loose dirt. Repeat possible treatment.

8.Read the batter carefully in running water and then in denatured spirits. Allow the brackets to dry before attaching them.

9.To avoid maintaining the well-cleaned brass brackets, paint a special metal lacquer.

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