Thinking of PVC windows?

PVC Window - Good Tips When Choosing

PVC Window - Good Tips When Choosing

PVC windows have long had a wide market on the continent, especially in less wooded areas. In Sweden, we have instead adhered to the usual wooden windows, perhaps thanks to the good availability of the raw material and thus the facila price. But now more and more Swedish homeowners are becoming interested in PVC as an alternative. Some of the reasons are the good overall economy and sustainability.


PVC windows have got a strong position on the wild market thanks to the low price and long durability offered. With a PVC window, maintenance is minimized, while maintaining a good insulation capacity for a long time. This makes PVC an attractive material. All that is needed is that a PVC window should feel good is to keep it clean. The fittings may also need a lubrication from time to time. Sometimes the window does not even have to be cleaned. It has become popular with so-called self-cleaning windows, windows that allow rain and fog to remove the dirt from the box. Just keep in mind that the inside may need a bunch from time to time, even on these windows. How long the PVC itself lasts is actually unknown today. They have been in the market since the 1970s, and most are fine.

Price range

PVC windows, also known as composite windows, are the most economical choice of materials in which windows are made. Initially, the windows are relatively cheap in purchasing. They are also energy efficient. They are usually made by a multi-chamber casting, which gives the windows a good insulation ability, that is, a low U value. However, the U value varies from model to model of window. Always look at the description on the window that may be of interest. The U-value specified can also describe the entire window, the frame itself or the glass only, which may confuse some.

Carvings and Colors

The frames of a PVC window are fully colored. This means that the entire plastic has one and the same color. The dyeing makes even small scratches invisible, as the color remains. However, it will be harder to paint such windows.

The width of the frame on a window affects the amount of light coming in, how airy they feel and how the window is projecting from the outside. Standard windows in PVC are often thicker than wood windows, but there are also PVC windows with narrower frames that emit more light. It may cost a few extra kronor to buy, but on the other hand, the feeling of the house becomes much nicer.

Double or Double Window

A PVC window comes in both double and triple glass. Which one fits best depends especially on the noise level that can be tolerated. In a quiet location, the double glazing windows are often excellent, as modern ones are often insulated enough for a normal villa. However, when the noise level outside the house is very disturbing, or may be, window louver windows may be in place.

Aluminum lacquered

The PVC windows that are aluminum lacquered have a bit better durability and look a little different than regular PVC windows. Inside the surface is PVC but from the outside the windows look like aluminum windows. They are obscured with an aluminum profile for extra protection. With such a profile, a PVC window can also change color over time. Just change the profile to a new color. It is also a good option for those who do not want the colors available to choose from within the framework of the PVC windows. These come in a limited number of colors. Unfortunately, it also applies to the type of design on the window itself. Also here are some limitations, even though the selection is low-level.


A window affects the overall impression of a house. The choice of material around the actual windows is therefore an important choice. Today's PVC windows are good much more beautiful than the first-generation plastic windows, but there are still appearance differences between a wooden window, PVC or aluminum. It is impossible to get away from it. However, if practical durability and overall price are more important than wood feeling, PVC windows can be a very attractive option.

Fire safety

Fire safety is also an aspect to be taken into account when selecting a window. PVC is heat resistant. It is going to high temperatures for the plastic to fire. However, there is a disadvantage. As the oil product it is, smoke evolution grows, and the gases are poisonous when it actually happens. Considering it's equally dangerous to have a PVC window like having a wooden window, if the accident is at hand.

Choosing PVC windows

A PVC window is often a possible alternative for window changes. Always choose material with care and, like so much else, you often get the quality you pay for. There are both good and bad PVC windows on the market. Always think wide when you start looking at new windows to the house, not just on the material. The design, the opening of the window, the glass itself, burglaries, size and color affect the overall impression and function and are important aspects to consider anyway. Consider what characteristics a window needs to fit in the particular case before making comparisons between different materials. It pays off in the long run. The installation of a window is often a process that requires knowledge and care. It's a good idea to let a professional do the job.

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