What do you need to keep in mind when replacing the front door? Here you will find great tips on exterior doors when changing, choosing and purchasing new front door for your house.

Change the front door? Good Exterior Door Tips When Changing

Change the front door? Good Exterior Door Tips When Changing

Exterior doors have gone from being a standard product to an ever more personal choice. At the same time, features and technology have evolved, and it may even be worth replacing an old front door that leaks the heat.

Most modern exterior doors actually have the same structure in three layers: First, an insulating core of plastic or wood fiber surrounded by plates that make the front door stable, as well as an outer layer of wood or HDF board that gives the door its appearance.

There are also external doors in wood, but they can be difficult to get as tight. Pine and oak are the most stable woods, but are still affected by wind and weather. Teak is durable but expensive. You can combine with interior doors to get tight enough.

Many people like it with glass in the front doors. But the glass can be an energy jewel if it does not have very good insulation ability. Ask for energy glass!

Even if you replace an old front door, the front door needs maintenance. External doors in wood should be oiled at regular intervals. Painted exterior doors are easier to maintain. It is often enough to wash the front door once a year. Think about your own initiative!

When changing the front door, priority should be given to insulation ability. Switching to an energy-efficient front door can save between 250 and 460 SEK per year, depending on where in Sweden you live, according to Energiverket. A good insulation also isolates well from sound. Even safer exterior doors can be rewarded if it gives a discount on the insurance premium.

When replacing the front door, consider the following:

Fit correctly!

To get the best results from your front door, it is also important to assemble both front door and frame. It should be accompanied by a clear installation instructions. The front door must also be adjusted after it has been fitted.

The Consumer Agency believes that insulation with wood fiber gives better sound insulation and that cell plastic insulates better against cold.

Form-fitting front door is the best!

The exterior doors are partly in HDF boards need not mean lower quality. Wood is a living material that is influenced by its surroundings, while different fibreboards are very strong and solid materials that make the door shut longer without striking.

Check the warranty on the window glass!

When replacing the front door, it's good to check which guarantees apply to the window glass in the door. Often it is shorter than the front door itself, because the glass can emma when the window cassette begins to leak after a few years. Perhaps you can have a glass door over or beside the door instead?

Protect the front door!

A protective entrance door above the front door is not only nice if you look for the keys in the rain. It also extends the life of the front door, which is not exposed to the same amount of wear from wind, rain and sun.

Which rules apply?

Fireproof or sound-rated doors may be required, or it may be forced to have a certain width door doors to provide adequate accessibility.

Door Guide - Choose the Right Door.

Planning When Buying Your Front Door.

Then, you will mark the markings on your front door.

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