What does a torn facade look like? Here you will find tips about rivputs which are so-called noble pits. Learn more about trowel slabs with a tear-resistant punching pad.

Rivputs a hard and durable facade input

Rivputs a hard and durable facade input

A sashed facade where the surface socket has a nice and soft structure, has a tear-off or scratch pad. It is a form of noble punches with its own structure and a particular appearance.

Rivputs - a method

Rivputsen is a form of nipple that is placed on the facade by hand or with a syringe. In order to achieve tearing tanks, the outer layer needs to be torn off by means of a spike board. It's about the top two to three millimeters. The demolition occurs just as the pit is curing. Then the pouch is allowed to be as it is. The result, if the method is used with the correct dusting, is a freaking and rustic impression.

Rivputs with scratch-shaped facade

Special putty

In case of tearing, use a well-used dredging machine. It often goes under the name rivputs and has then been mixed to get the correct properties. The ripple is a form of nipple that has cement and / or lime as a base and has a ballast in the form of dolomite cross, marble or any other natural sand. A beautiful variant, for example, is rivputs with ballast mica. The punch is often translucent, which means that the paint is not needed.