Solid windows, what do you need to think about? Here you will get good tips as well as pros and cons if you are going to choose fixed windows for your house.

Safe and cheap with fixed windows - Tips

Safe and cheap with fixed windows - Tips

Fixed windows is the type of window that can not be opened. This means that fewer features are available on the window. The glass cassette is mounted directly in the frame. In terms of safety and price, the fixed window is an unbeatable alternative. The main disadvantage is that the window can not be used for weathering and that it has to be sealed from the outside.

What are fixed windows

A solid window looks next door like an ordinary window. The difference is that the fixed window is a window without opening function. Solid windows always come with insulating glass. They may be double or triple glass windows. In most cases, where noise is not so disturbing and where the cold is not too tight, it is great with a high quality double-glazed window. Energy glass is also an option. The gap between the windows is filled with a gas, usually argon gas. The windows come with or without different forms of splashing. These sprinkles are stuck on the outside of the window, and can easily be removed before a cleaning, or placed between the glasses. There are also fixed windows with continuous fixed splash.


Like most other windows, there are a variety of materials available on the windows sold in the trade. The classic here in the Nordic region is wooden windows. They are beautiful and come in many different designs and shapes. The downside is, however, that they require their maintenance. Those who want to choose a maintenance-free window can choose PVC windows, PVC windows with aluminum profile or aluminum windows. There is also wooden windows with aluminum cladding. Modern materials have the ability to withstand weather and wind, making them lasting more durable. They can thus be somewhat different. The choice of materials is largely a balance of appearance and convenience.

Advantages of fixed windows

Many choose fixed windows because they are simply cheaper than opening windows. The average cost is 70% of the available options. But there are more reasons than choosing the fixed windows. With a fixed window, the frame becomes narrower than on an opening window. It gives maximum light emitting. At the same time, the fixed-window solution is a safe construction. There is no risk that children can open the windows and trill out, or that a burglar may succeed in worshiping the window for free entry into the house. The advantage of a solid-state insulating glass window is that it keeps the heat slightly better than the openable options. No slips occur over time. In addition, the fixed windows tend to be somewhat more durable.

Thinking of

The disadvantages of solid windows mean that the outside can not be pushed from the inside. Therefore, they are best suited for places where the window is easily accessible, such as on a downstairs. In view of the fact that the windows can not be opened for obvious reasons, they can also be most suitable in rooms where there are patio doors or other weather outlets. They are also perfect for entire walls of glass where openable options can be supplemented with fixed windows.

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