Safer Windows Window Lock. Which window lock suits you? Cylinder lock, locking lock or a digital window lock. Here you will find the tips you need!

Safer Window Lock Window - The Tips You Need

Safer Window Lock Window - The Tips You Need

A common way for the burglar in his "work" is window path. Windows are often easy to force. There are especially windows that are insecure as the first choice of the bovine. But, if the window is fitted with a lock, the thief can be scared of the flight. If he or she still tries to get in, it will both allow and take time to enter, which increases the risk of detection.

Some windows

Window lock is one of three ways to increase the security level of the house or apartment window . All windows can be fitted with a window lock, and most importantly, with windows on the ground floor, or easily accessible via a balcony or the like. Another option is to install grids, something that may not feel so attractive to the windows in the home itself. These are often better suited for cellular windows. It is also possible to completely rewind a window. Screwing a window, however, makes it impossible to open, and the window can not be used as an emergency exit for any fire. Therefore, it should only be done on windows that are not used so often.


The lock has the same design and functions in the same way as the lock to an external door, and is classified according to the same principles. Like all other locks, window locks come in different grades and with different degrees of safety. Always choose a lock that is approved by the insurance companies, so you know it's safe enough and worth the investment. There are also locks approved by Svenska Stöldskyddsföreningen. These are of high quality and are approved by all insurance companies. All products approved by the Swedish Anti-Theft Association are easy to recognize thanks to the clear brands. They have two eyes as emblems.

Type of window lock

Window lock is usually of the type of cylinder lock or locking lock. In many cases, at least for cylinder locks, it is possible to have the same key for both door locks and window locks if changed at the same time. This makes it easy for the homeowner to keep track of a variety of keys to go to different locks. The window latch is mounted on the window just like a lock on a door. It is extra important that the mounting of the lock is properly carried out. Equally important is that the window can not be snapped off when it is locked. It would remove the entire purpose of the lock.

Digital Options

Anyone who has difficulty keeping track of keys at all, or thinks they are impractical in general, can instead choose a digital window lock. Then a code is used instead of a key. These are not always approved by the insurance company. A code is considered more easily broken than finding a key. There are also models that respond to fingerprints. They are handy when no keys are needed. If you are interested in knowing which electronic options are approved, it is always a good option to contact the insurance company in which the wildlife insurance is located.

How high security

Window lock provides security in two ways. First, it's difficult to open the window for an unauthorized without key or code. Secondly, the lock makes it clearer to clog the window. Unfortunately, no lock prevents any proposed person from crashing the window, or simply selecting another path. But many thieves and bandits are discouraged when they realize what job is required to get in and out of the home. It takes longer to break through, which increases the risk of detection. But, if there is another easy way in, the thief will not be blocked by the window lock. Always consider the weakest points on the house and correct the shortcomings at the same time to raise the security level as a whole.

Selecting Window Lock

Inward and outgoing windows require different locking devices. The key to the lock must always be stored near the window, so that the window can be used as a escape route if necessary. By contrast, it will not be visible, so that a thief will have access to it. It can be a thing in itself to find this place. Sometimes no window lock is required, but the security can be as high as a window barrier. It may also be advisable to consider grids for some windows to secure the house. In many cases, cheaper alternatives are because the window lock tends to be quite expensive. They can cost up to a couple of thousand crowns.

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