Schellack or shellac, as it is also spelled, is a lacquer that effectively prevents staining from wood tiles before painting wood.

Schellack - a natural wood protection

Schellack - a natural wood protection

Schellack or shellack as it is also spelled a paint that effectively prevents staining from the box in the wood to the surface color you want the wood to get. The lacquer was very popular in the early 1900s, and is now shaken as it is a well proven and environmentally friendly alternative to the market.

The content

The very ingredient in Schellack astonishes many. The lacquer is made naturally and consists of a secret, a resin, if trees exudate thanks to an Indian tree lily called shield lacquer. Hartsen is scratched by the trees. To create a schellack, this secret is mixed with alcohol. The paint is thus flammable and tools are cleaned with t-alcohol. Schellack is also sold without dilution of alcohol and then in the form of spirits dissolved with spirits.

There are a variety of grades of schellack depending on the amount of bark present in which the lacquer is contaminated. The quality also varies slightly depending on whether it is hand-made or factory-made. Please ask in the store what quality the lacquer holds if the shell lacquer is to be used for fine snaps.


Schellack is used primarily to prepare the wood for a painting. The paint is ironed out of the abdomen with a brush so that the cores and the like can not penetrate to the surface. For this purpose, it is made of pure schellack, or a color with schellack as a base (schellack-based twig). Note that all twigs do not have a scalpel ground.

In traditional finsnickery, Schellack is used as a surface finnish. It is then placed in a number of layers using a linen cloth and this is called French Polishing. Schellack is also a common ingredient in cosmetics, used as a protective film on pills, giving hats, playing cards and paper its right stiffness and is used as protective film material in the photo industry. It is even used as an ingredient in chewing gum and cakes and as a shelter for confectionery and citrus fruit.

Schellack can also be used to advantage in traditional window cleaning with linoljekitt. When the old window kettle is removed, peel the brush on the kettle to prevent the linseed oil from being pulled into the wood and weaken the new window kettle.

The Schellack's Many Strengths

The reason why Schellack has such impact as twig and industrial is its amazing features. Here are some:

Pure natural product and non-toxic - even in candy!

  • Easy to apply and enhance
  • Easy to remove
  • Quick drying time - it only takes minutes!
  • Can be painted even when it is under 5 degrees (not many other varnishes can handle!)
  • Does not yellow.
  • Produces the beauty of wood fiber
  • Extremely good adhesion
  • Stops effective smell
  • Schellack is a fresh produce and the characteristics of the lacquer change after half a year if it is diluted with alcohol.

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