Bathroom Cabinets for Bathrooms. Here you will find good tips for choosing when to buy and choose a new bathroom cabinet and mirror cabinet for the bathroom.

Choosing Bathroom Cabinets - Tips for the Choice

Choosing Bathroom Cabinets - Tips for the Choice

Bathroom cabinet makes up a large part of the bathroom. They are important for storage, and come in a variety of different designs, as required. Low as well as high bathroom cabinets can simultaneously provide relief areas around the sink.

Chests of drawers

The most common bathroom furniture is a bowl under the sink. It's a practical solution, as it hardly takes any extra space in the bathroom to put a cabinet there. If the chest of drawers is wide enough, there will be free of charge of the counter area at the side of the washbasin. These can be used as a relief area for cans, toothpaste and other items used in the personal hygiene control.

Chests of drawers can be made for a certain sink to be built. Usually, both the sink and the wash basin are sold in one and the same package. There are also dressers fitted with a worktop on top of which a washbasin can be set or folded in as desired.

Different bathroom cabinets

Mirror cabinet is a classic in Swedish homes. The cabinets can be on one or both sides of the mirror and are practical because the products in the cabinet are easy to reach. These can sometimes be combined with cabinets and drawers, to create a complete bathroom furniture. The disadvantage of a mirror cabinet could be that the cabinet makes the bathroom look small because it takes room at eye level. An increasingly popular furniture is otherwise the independent bathroom cabinet that can be placed in any place in the bathroom. The cabinet can be semi-high and then provides a relief area at the same time, or completely for extra storage.


Most bathroom cabinets are made of some kind of wood. The most common material is some form of laminate and wood veneer. There are plenty of shades and colors to choose from. The more exclusive bathroom cabinets can be made in solid wood. Glass and aluminum are also available in detail or throughout the cabinet.

The dimensions

Bathroom cabinet varies a lot in size and height. Bathroom cabinet is often 60 or 90 cm wide, but there are other dimensions as well. The width of the chests of drawers varies in infinity, from 42 cm to the smallest bathrooms to several meter long chests of drawers with double sink space. The depth also varies with different bathroom furniture. Often there are several sizes within the same series to choose from. This means that there is always a present or a chest of drawers.

Tips for the purchase

Chests of drawers and cupboards are often part of a product range. It can be worth buying the whole range of products, not least because it creates a whole in the bathroom. How many bathroom cabinets are needed depends on how many people use the bathroom, what to store in the cabinets and, not least, personal requirements and wishes. Some people do not need as many shelves to put cans and bottles as others. However, it is worth not to get in the bottom. The storage spaces should not be a shortcoming in the bathroom.

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