How do you set up a bard? Here you will find descriptions and instructions with explanatory photographs on how to set up a wall on the wall.

Set up a bard - How to do this - Description

Set up a bard - How to do this - Description

If you want to freshen up the walls of your home, that ambition does not always mean extensive wallpaper work. If the wall surfaces are only full and clean, you can instead change the room by using bars. Bårder is grateful to use in the home decoration because they refined match colors and shades in the room. It is neither particularly expensive nor difficult to set up stalls. All that's needed is a little patience, imagination and possibly a pair of helping hands. There are banners in numerous designs and color schemes. They are packed in rolls and the most common length is ten meters.

The dimensions of the bows usually vary from a few centimeters wide and up to just over half a meter. The most common ones are between 5 and 15 centimeters wide and are usually in stock.

Not many tools

The only thing that is required to set up a bar is actually just a thumb, pen, sharp knife and sponge or brush . A pair of screws may be good when you put the cage in place, but it is not necessary. If you work with stamped strips, it's an advantage to be two people at the set. Otherwise, it may be a bit tricky to get the backing straight and smooth.

Pattern Fit Carefully

It is common for wallpapers to have a distinctive pattern. If you want a really good end result, it is therefore important that you are careful about the pattern matching. When the ladder is to go around the entire room, the joints usually end up in the corners.

Remember to calculate and mark the pattern when cutting to the lengths. If the bed forms a frame, do not cut the dads straight but at a 45o angle. To get a perfect fit in the corners, you must first fit the pattern and cut the lengths in the usual way. Then, place the bars with the right side against each other, mark the cutting edge and cut to the edges with a sharp knife.

Imaginative Set

You can put wallpaper banners anyway. There are many more variety of possibilities than you can imagine and it's about taking advantage of the imagination. Use bars to mark the floorboards of the room or simply replace them with a beautiful pattern pattern.

If you have large wall surfaces, but not enough paintings and other wall decorations, you can "pop up" the wall with a not too wide edging. Another way to get a big wall more interesting is to mark traditional wall mirrors with the use of brush strips and possibly fill the "mirror" with a richly patterned tapewater. The most common use is, however, to "lower" an old-fashioned ceiling height with a height-adjusting bend or decorate the walls at the ceiling angle.


It's not just walls and ceilings that you can decorate with wallpaper rails. For example, a boring wardrobe door can get a real face lift using this technique. Place the bed where you think it fits best. When wallpapering with ribbons, you can also combine wallpaper strips with different color shades and widths.

1.Met and mark where and how the barn should sit. Check out wavy and vertical lines. Center possibly. dominant pattern.

2. Measure and cut to lengths. Include pattern matching in the calculation. Numbers possibly order and direction.

3.When working with pasted wetness, moisturize the back of the wet with water on a sponge. Let go for 1 / 2-1 min.

4.Other strings are glued with wallpaper-coated strips. Fold the ends toward the center and allow 10 minutes to draw.

5.Place the first wafer in a corner with about 1 cm overlap on the next wall. Press out the air if necessary. with scarf.

6.Next bård strip sets you exactly at the corner angle. When pattern matching, do an extra check and possibly. adjustment.

7. The tray may need to be cut diagonally. Add the lengths straight to the right, pattern pass and mark the cut line.

8.Set up the cut lengths with only a few mm overlaps, leaving no slight gloss in the joint.

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