Install new blinds?

Set up blinds - How to do

Set up blinds - How to do

This article gives you general tips on setting up blinds in old windows.

Blinds are still by far the most common protection curtain. in our homes. It is also not strange that developments have taken place. Venetian blinds are versatile useful. They are easy to handle, protect against transparency, give "sleep darkness", exclude or soften strong daylight, dampen the sunlight and reduce heat radiation through the windows. Blinds are also not replete to mount - if you want to do it yourself. If you have windows that allow the lamellae to be hung between the glasses, they are seldom or never a barrier.

At a quick glance, you get the impression that there is no big difference between different blinds. But if you look a little closer to them, you soon discover that the variations on both blinds and windows are many. For example, the slats are not cut in the same way. Most of them are made of light metal, but the profiles can be quite different and thus also give different impressions.

The wooden slats or wood blinds, as it is also called, are not as common, but in fact the wooden slats have the advantage that that type of blinds also can be used in sports huts and along with other more rustic décor, where the fragile metal structures can easily be perceived as a breakage.

However, the biggest differences are in the color range. Nowadays you can have blinds in virtually any color. This is obviously a big advantage, since the protective curtains can then be adapted to the more decorative curtain sets of the home, to wallpaper, flooring and other dominant interior details, whether you want the blinds to harmonize with them or be a bright contrast.

However, the big choices have brought with a sometimes inconvenient disadvantage: it has become almost as difficult to choose blinds like viewing wallpaper! In addition, there is also an ever-expanding range of blinds like blinds like: textile materials, the ability to mount the blinds on the inside of the window or between the glasses in such coupled arches. In the latter case you may encounter a sharp limit on the choices. This is especially true if your windows are sprinkled. Before you take care of your choice, make sure that the blinds really fit between the windows of the window you are going to provide with a blinds. The blast on the window can steal too much space. Even insulating glass and double glazing can cause such problems.

An Iranian Curtain

Blinds are today so common that everyone knows that they are curtains with horizontally adjustable slats or slats, mostly made of light metal. On the other hand, the word blinds may appear somewhat confusing, not to mention Persian, which was the common name before the appearance became Swedish fashion ...

The word goes back to the French, which speaks of the Persian, and refers to this kind of adjustable wooden curtains, which are considered to have been imported to the west of Iran, ie, old Persia. There is no indication of how long blinds have been in Sweden, but one of the oldest notes is from 1771. One of the then research traveler, Jacob Jonas Björnståhl, visited Naples, wrote in "Bref om den utländske reisen":

"You shield with sloping curtains that prevent the sun's shine, but not the light, and all the streets look like a tent with gaps, jealousies, Persians, sun springs ... and besides that, when it's hottest of the day, sofas all dinner so everything's like being killed until 5 PM. "


It may be easy to set up blinds in old windows that do not previously have blinds, but it requires careful and very careful not to break the window or window glass when drilling new holes. If you feel insecure you should contact a professional who is a professional on installing blinds, a sk. Venetian blind.

Watch the window hinge observer when turning the blinds of the blinds. Measure and check carefully before installing the blinds. Since the most sensitive parts of the blinds are lines, laces and slats, and easily absorb dirt and are difficult to clean, there are good reasons to wash and dry your hands well before you take them.

When mounting a blinds, Handle the blinds gently and use suitable and thin gloves because the edges of the mold can be sharp.


Even though today's high quality blinds are of high durability, one must be aware that the blinds of all blinds are lines and strings. Over time, wear and tear on these details can not be avoided ... if it is a "pillage", broken stitches and ropes can be replaced very well. But keep in mind that it's much easier to do it before the decay begins, as it is easy to see how the ropes are to be threaded.

Cleaning and maintenance of blinds

Blinds are exposed to dust and dirt over the years and should be cleaned once every two years. When cleaning the blinds, use a handheld brush or a soft cloth. If necessary, use a little lukewarm water, but be sure to turn the cloth out properly. You can also use a soft brush vacuum cleaner.


Keep in mind that there is always a risk of falling when using a ladder when cleaning the blinds. Make sure that the steps are firmly on the floor. Use appropriate shoes to minimize the risk of accidents. Always be extra careful and careful when working at high altitude due to


Drill (1) Drill steel for wood (2) Screwdriver (3) Less hammer (4) Scissors (5) Knife
1.Place two diagonal holes for wire and cord from the inner window of the hinge side into the socket of the bow.

2. Drill a little bit from the bottom, towards the blinds. The upper hole should drain about 10 mm below the bottom of the upper arch.

3. Drill a new hole about 10 mm below the top. Measure carefully and drill carefully with the correct drill steel dimension, here 6.5 mm.

4. Mount the suspension hooks in the suspension bracket on the blind holder. Turn the hook in place half a turn.

5. Now pull the two ropes of the blind through the bottom hole drilled in the window.

6. Then, in the same way, you thread the blinds of the blinds through the top drilled hole in the window sash.

7. Make sure that the strings and wires do not slide out when lifting the blind to the bottom of the top window.

8. Fix the center, the blind so that you have the blinds at the exact distance inside the windows.

9. Now it's time to nail the blinds in the window. Nail in the oblong hole of the suspension hook.

10. Adjust the blinds vertically, use a screwdriver and hammer. Be sure to check if the window is closed.

11. Lock the suspension when you are satisfied with any adjustments. Do it by also nailing in the round holes.

12. Then, thread the blinds of the blinds through the spiral in the detail called the snowman.

13. Do the same with the wire, the place is in the snowman's hole. Wood in both cases from the back of the snowman.

14. Now you can pinch the snowman on the window sill. Fit it carefully after the drilled holes.

15. Now, probably only one thing remains to fix the twist bar on the wire.

16. Then over the plastic sleeve, turn the rod over the two devices to lock them.

17. Mark the borehole with a needle and screw the bar holder on the window sash. The nit on the rod gives directions.

18. Press the twist bar in the bar holder. Make sure the bar holder is aligned with the power cord.

19. Pull the ropes through the link button and tie a tight knot. Cut the ends so that they are hidden by the button.

20. Fit the laces around 10-30 cm below the twist bar. Test the blinds and make sure it does not fall.

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