Shower Bathtub is the combination of both shower and bathtub. Here you will find good tips on shower showers and know more about price and design when choosing a shower.

Shower Bathtub - Tips for Buying and Choosing the Bathtub

Shower Bathtub - Tips for Buying and Choosing the Bathtub

A shower bath are two solutions in one. It is ideal for the smaller bathroom where the comfort and comfort requirements are high, but the location is small. Now you do not have to choose between bathtubs and shower cubicles.

Bath and shower shower

The shower bath can be seen as a development of the classic solution to put the shower in the bathtub and then set up a shower enclosure above the bath tub. The solution increases both comfort and safety as the shower bath is adapted for both standing and lying. It's the shape of the tub that's crucial. A clean bathtub is rarely a format for standing individuals. This makes the risk of a shower in the bathtub big. In addition, the edge is often too high on a traditional bathtub.

Stylish design takes up little space.

The shower bath takes up little space along one side or corner, no more than a smaller bathtub would make. Most shower models are oblong and have a narrower and wider part. The wider part is used to stand and shower in. They can then be turned either right or left.

Others are completely rectangular with flat bottom in very stylish design, which makes it convenient to place the shower nozzle where it fits best - along the long or short side. There is also a fun and even more compact variant that is like a big switch, that is, like a round or square vessel with feet. Many models are made of durable acrylic material.

As shower

As a shower, the shower bath is a safe solution. Then the tub can be seen as the bottom of a shower cubicle, with extra high edges. The bottom is flat enough to stand safely in, unlike many bathtubs that have a round bottom. With splash protection on the sides, the water flow stays inside the bathtub edges. The protection often comes with the bathtub, but not always. Then it can be purchased individually.

As a bathtub

As a bathtub, the shower bath is usually more of the compact and more low-profile model and with straight outer edges. It makes it quite easy to get into the tub. Most shower showers hold a depth of about half a meter, as usual bathtubs usually do. It is definitely deep enough for a normal person to take a nice bath. There is also a good choice of bathtubs for those who have children who like to play in the bathroom!

Price of shower baths

The price for the bath tub varies with model and execution. Although the cost of the solution is often slightly higher than for a bathtub, it is an affordable solution for the one with a little space but high demands. A shower and a bathtub cost well a lot more than this unit. In addition, most shower showers have a very nice design.

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