What to consider when choosing a slate floor? Here you will find good tips about slate and slate flooring when buying and sharpening floors. The slate floor is very durable and fits well like a kitchen, bathroom or hall.

Slate Floor - Beautiful Slate Floor Length

Slate Floor - Beautiful Slate Floor Length

Slate is one of the natural materials that are big in Swedish homes. It's a durable, beautiful and comfortable material to use on the floor, anywhere in the house. It lasts for generations and is easy to handle, not least because of its resistance to acids.

Different Slate

Slate is a collective name for a type of stone that is made up of layers in layers of sediment. The slate types are generally divided into the categories of skyscrapers and gloss shades. Glossy screen is also called quartz sharpen.

The leather disc is soft and sensitive. It makes it less suitable as material for flooring. Glimmer slate is an excellent floor for spaces that require the little extra. It's hard and durable and very, very beautiful.


Slate is durable, even to acid and fats. Floors of slate withstand a high load without being worn. The little wear that gets is just beautiful and enjoyable. Whether chlorine or heels rage on the surface. The durability of the slate floor is therefore very large, and the cleaning goes like a dance.

It makes the slate a hot candidate as floor material. Like other natural stones, the slate floor is ideal for laying on top of floor heating, whether it be water-borne heat or electric hobs.

Beautiful and comfortable

What's most attractive to those who choose slate floors may be the appearance. The beautiful feelings and the soft color give a room a pleasant and sober feel. Glider slate is seen as very exclusive. The velvety surface is also very comfortable to walk.

A slate floor feels rarely cold due to the soft surface. On the contrary, it concerns uncoated surface finishing. Natural shale that is completely untreated, that is, clover, has a matte and smooth surface. On the other hand, it is often uneven, which makes it difficult for indoors.

Indoors often fits the polished slate floor. It is slightly shorter in its expression and easier to keep clean. Slate slabs can also be beautifully brushed for a beautiful, matte but even surface.

Adding slate floors

The art of laying slate floors is like a puzzle that requires accuracy and patience as with all natural stone sites. There are both slate shades that are natural and shale in the shape of plates of any size.

The naturally-shaped skirt is beautiful everywhere, both indoors and outdoors, but is very difficult to lay nicely and functionally. They can change slightly in shape by tampering at the edges, yet difficult to fit in so that they do not get dirty.

However, the different thicknesses of the skirt are a difficulty. It is rare that the irregular slate is completely straight and in a bathroom, for example, the slope must be taken into account. Slate that comes in more regular tiles also needs to be puzzled, not least because of the many shades of the stones. It is also very important that the substrate is even and durable.

Buying slate flooring

Floor slate is often imported and is sold both in the major construction stores and by special retailers. The quality and thickness vary in infinity. It is always important that a natural stone is thick enough to hold the stresses it is expected to expose. Otherwise they can crack.

The price varies as much as the quality and a high quality slate floor costs a lot of money. On the other hand, slate is a material that lasts for generations.

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