What should you think about choosing slate stone? Here you will find good tips for choosing the slate for garden, countertops and floors for your home.

Slate Stone - Good Tips for Choosing Natural Stone Slate

Slate Stone - Good Tips for Choosing Natural Stone Slate

Skiffersten is an exclusive form of natural stone, which is popular in the Swedish gardens. Its beautiful structure and durable surface also make it an excellent stone for floor coverings and worktops in the interior.

What is the slate stone?

In nature, slate is usually in the form of quarantine and leather shale. These two different types differ in terms of both structure and properties. All slates are structured as a cake, with layers made of layers. The surface is somewhat grainy. How granular it is depends on where the skiff is broken. Slate breaking occurs in Sweden in several directions.

Characteristics of the slate stone

Quartzite shale is a material similar to the granite to the properties. The color is gray to black. It is a durable material that is durable and does not stain at first. The surface layer is called it's cracked. It is the natural surface of the slate and is smooth with small, small shifts. Leather shades on the other hand are a very soft material. There will be easy scratches on the surface layer. As the material is also porous, it will also be nice to spot the skirt of fats and the like. It is called that the stone has a low porosity. Slate often comes in plates with some irregular shape and therefore gives a very lively impression.


Slate is used in a variety of construction environments. It is suitable to lay indoors indoors, whether it is public premises or home environments, such as bathroom countertops, as well as stone tiles outdoors. Slate performs very well outdoors as floor coverings and is actually one of the more common rocks in the Swedish gardens. This often uses a slate of coarser structure, a more coarse grain variant. Slate tends to freeze and tear in during the winter. It makes less suitable for coating at, for example, a pool. It's also a little tricky to put a slate in a garden in a nice and sustainable way. Therefore, there is now also slate on the net. Then the stones are already collapsed and it does not have to be forever puzzling to make the pieces fit.

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