What are splash pads? Here you will find tips on splash pads, a common type of facade pads, also called noble pits. It is used for phase refinement and facade loading.

Sprinkle pads a common type of faucets - Tips

Sprinkle pads a common type of faucets - Tips

Sprinkler pit is called a form of surface pockets that provide a structured and granular surface. The punch is translucent and gets its structure when it is sprayed or sprinkled on the facade. No finishing is needed. The pit is known for its good durability and provides a good protection for the house.

The name of the plunger

The concept of plunging pads is caused by the plaster being sprinkled or sprayed on the substrate. The well used often consists of a base of lime and cement and with a ballast where the grain size is up to 3 mm. The pouch is translucent in any color. Finishing is not required. As soon as the spout has been sprayed onto the surface, the facade is also ready. This makes the work effort easy and efficient. In order for this punching method to be successful, a light-flowing, wet and lean use is required.

Many advantages

The splash pad is thus a simple form of well, which gives a good final result. The puddle contains mica that gives the punch special luster. The punch works well in many cases, but is less suitable for use in sockets and walls, or as a surface treatment where the punch must have a high adhesion.

Structure of a splash punched facade


The result of the punching is a surface structure which consists of small granules. The grain is the ballast contained in the pit. The ballast usually consists of marble kernels but can also consist of natural sand. It is always visible if the cushion is sprayed or if it is hand-welded.

You can choose the thickness of the putty. For example, on a walled surface, the pit can be laid very thin, so that the joints between the stones are shone. It can be beautiful and effective, while in other cases it is nicer with a thicker layer of splash pads.

Which facade inputs

What kind of facade inputs is used depends on which substrate the pit should be on. The binder in the pouch can consist of lime or lime and cement, known as KC putty. Which one to use depends on the substrate. It should always be the same adhesive on the substrate as the surface socket. For most substrates, a silicone resin tip can also be used. However, it does not apply to substrates such as wood or sheet metal.

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