What are Spritputs?

Spritputs - Tips on Sprinkle-proof Facade Feeds

Spritputs - Tips on Sprinkle-proof Facade Feeds

Spritputs is a form of surface punch and is a punching method that creates a paved surface with a coarse grain structure. It is a relatively modern form of façade bushes, which also gained a big impact in our country, not least because it is easy to brush with spit pits.


Spritputs are applied to the surface using a machine or by hand . According to the old model, the spark plug should be put on hand by turning on with good power. The pit itself consists of a coarse pit with a coarse structure. Unlike the plunger or lavatory, the surface consists of a layer with larger grain. The grain gives a rugged surface, and creates a beautiful shadow play on the façade. In the liquorice, the grain, ballast, in the groove is at least 5 mm coarse. The ballast can consist of marble or natural sand. The name comes from the word spirits. These stones are soft-formed natural gas of a larger model if it is an older spit pit, while newer forms of spit pits often consist of crushed pebbles.

Mason's handcrumbs

The older liquor well also consisted of a smaller amount of ballast than today's vapor pit . Therefore, the difference between new and old liquor wells is quite clear.

Late Fashion

Sprinkle wiping is a relatively modern form of wiping, which replaced replacements of the late 19th century. It is especially common in reefed houses. It was and is quite a simple form of punching because the pit with the coarse grains was left by hand and then left to dry as it goes. Some more reworking of the surface was not made ... The result was very good, and spritputs are still a good choice of putty. It provides a good protection against weather, frost and high humidity, if properly installed.

Spritputs today

Spritputs is today a popular form of wells for large and small properties. Sometimes this putty is mixed with flushes to add an extra dimension to the façade. Putsen can have a variety of colors, giving a beautiful and vibrant impression. Which spritputs to use are largely dependent on the substrate used and the expression that the finished surface should have. The sprays that are installed must always be part of an entire system that provides good protection for the façade.