Stains or grease stains on the wallpaper? Here you will find great tips and instructions on how to remove different types of stains on wallpaper.

Stains and grease stains on wallpaper

Stains and grease stains on wallpaper

There is now a large selection of wallpaper that - more or less - withstands water. Vinyl and of course wet room drawer are washable, while the plastic coated paper can withstand moisture wipe or sponge. On the other hand, an untreated paper loss should not use water at all. If you have stains on a textile cloth, you can moisten a sponge with lukewarm water and gently dissolve the stain. Never rub - the stain can spread and the threads in the fabric are racked up. If you work furiously, you can damage the wallpaper so that the damage becomes more eye-catching than the stain itself.

On water and seaweed wallpaper, do not use water at all because the material can shrink and loosen from the surface. Flocktapets can be bathed with lukewarm water, possibly with a small amount of detergent. If you have a sleeping pot, you should always contact a skilled person before touching the stain.

First action on staining on wallpaper:

Bold spots on unloaded wallcoverings:

1st Carefully remove as much of the fat as possible with a knife.

2. Pudra potato flour or baby cushions over the grease.

3. Vacuum the powder when it has lasted for a while.

Stains of carbon point or ink pen on the plastic wallpaper:

1. Wash immediately with T-alcohol.

2. Wipe from the edges of the stain and inward with small movements, otherwise the stain may "grow" larger.

Wet stains on water sensitive wallpaper

1. Sprinkle potato flour or baby cushions over the stain and allow it to dry thoroughly.

2. Carefully brush the powder with a brush.

Washability varies on wallpaper

These symbols are often on the packaging of new wallpaper. When you wallpaper, it's good if you notice what waterproofness the new wallpaper has.

Weak detergent solution on sprained mushrooms.

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