Want a stylish bathroom? Here you will find good tips on stylish bathrooms before buying, decorating and designing a new bathroom.

Stylish Bathroom - Design & Style Tips

Stylish Bathroom - Design & Style Tips

A modern bathroom is stylish without unnecessary details. Here, single and high-color colors are best suited, preferably in combination with stainless steel and brushed steel. Glass is also part of the modern bathroom. The stylish bathroom is comfortable in black and / or white, but it is possible to add a clear color, or let gray or brown shades soften the tight impression. And underneath the surface, it's hiding technically advanced features.

Stylish bathroom expression

The stylish is the minimalist and the functional. The few details available will give high effect, and they should be both useful and stylish. Great emphasis is placed on material choice. The storage is hidden, so nothing looks plotting. They, and not the pattern, will give the atmosphere. In order for the stylish bathroom to be successful, the entire bathroom needs to be thought through carefully. Lighting and lighting have a crucial role to play in the end result.

Material selection

The material is a and o when it comes to the stylish and modern bathroom. Beautiful and harmonious materials that mate together create a harmonious whole. There should be few lines and large smooth surfaces in a bathroom. The joints should be almost invisible and go between materials such as glass, stone, concrete, wood and metal. The contrasts should feel natural and be built into the material selection. If tiles are used, the shape itself should be odd and matte. Oblong plates or very small, small are popular variants. Either the mosaic is single-colored, or consisting of the same color in a variety of shades.

Bathroom Decor

The interior is in a sober color that matches. Built-in cupboards, maybe even full sliding doors that can hide everything, and little or no handles are the reason. Baths and showers with clean and simple lines, straight edges and immersed sinks are common in the modern bathroom. As the trend of the modern is great, there are also many possibilities. The furnishings must not remove the feeling of space in the bathroom. There should be air and surfaces. The toilet is welcome - in a separate room, or behind a nice divider. This makes the impression more clinical.


The stylish and modern bathroom should be high-tech. But it should not be seen. This allows the wires to be dragged into the walls, and the blends appear only in the shape of the crane and the wreath itself. Underfloor heating, hot tub and light therapy are common functions. Other features may be audio equipment, television features that slide out of the shadows when needed. Some simple and small hangers, some stylistic jars that can be poured into shampoo, soap and the like also work, if they are not built-in vending machines in any way.


The whole point with the minimalist expression is that it's Get details that interfere with the whole. Those available are well balanced. They also want to have a function also, so that minimalism is maintained. As a detail, the mirror, the towel dryer and the blends are seen. These are important for the term and for the function. Clean lines apply. For example, the mirror may be built into the wall, perhaps without frame, the mixers are stylish and with hidden buttons.


A great advantage of the stylish bathroom is that it is easy to clean. The clean lines, and the absence of joints and frills mean that there are not as many places as the dirt can grow in. The trendy trend is also a trend that fits many and, as properly implemented, has a sense of timelessness around it. For new details, it's easy to create atmosphere. Choose clear-red towels on the towel dryer and place a catch of cut flowers in a modern vase if it starts to feel called.

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