The best thing about a swimming pool indoors is that it can be used all year long. Here you will get good tips before building a pool and choosing your indoor pool.

Swimming pool indoors - Tips for building indoor swimming pools

Swimming pool indoors - Tips for building indoor swimming pools

A swimming pool ceilings can be used year round regardless of the weather. Here the family can enjoy swimming all year round. In order to create a good indoor pool that adds value, it is important to carefully consider the construction. An indoor swimming pool is basically always built-up, and the pool sets the highest standards of ventilation in the pool room.

The dream of creating a wonderful home-made spa has made the indoor pools more popular than ever before. With a pool indoors, the bathing season is 365 days a year, regardless of the weather. Here old and young can enjoy tempered water for play and hay or for recreation. However, for those who want to realize the dream of their own indoor pool, it is important to think carefully. The price is quite high, and in order to get a sustainable solution, some planning is required.


Every indoor pool is made especially at the moment. They are tailored to customer needs and spaces. They are built by professional pool builders alternatively built on their own. The latter requires a lot of knowledge, as it is quite complicated to build an indoor pool to meet the quality requirements.


An indoor pool can be installed in a separate house, in an outdoor room or in the existing shelter, depending on the taste and taste. Many people are looking for a pool as big as possible, but it is rarely quite successful. It is true that there is room next to the pool as well. Additionally, a large pool requires more ventilation, which affects the final price.


A purification plant is a must for each pool, as well as a cover. The coating is a safety issue and reduces evaporation and cooling of the water. The heating is a and o for the pool to be comfortable to stay in. Here are several solutions to choose from. The most common options are an electric heater or a heat pump connected to the central heating system, but there are many other possible solutions.

A fun attire to the indoor pool is a jet stream. It allows swimming for a long time without having to turn around in the pool, which is often quite small. It is also cozy with recessed spotlights in the pool itself.


When an indoor pool is installed, it is really important that the house in which the pool is located has the required ventilation. There is a huge amount of moisture generated in a pool room, and it has to be transported away from the room. If the moisture is left in the room, the risk of moisture damage in the house is high. It helps to have a dehumidifier and to cover the pool when not in use. Ventilation is also important for the sake of smell. Without good ventilation, the house is quickly filled with chlorine odor, which does not delight anyone.

Price and size of indoor pool

The price of an indoor pool depends on many factors, not least the size. A larger pool is obviously more expensive, but the requirement for ventilation is also increasing as the pool grows. This can cause major additional costs. Many manufacturers recommend a pool size of about 3 * 6 meters. It provides bathing space without overloading the sparingly. Also, be aware that there should be plenty of space beside the pool for a hangover too.


Think about where the pool should lie carefully before construction starts. Take the help of an advisor who can do that with pools already at the start of the project so avoid many misses. A new construction of an indoor pool does not entitle you to a deduction.

Rules can be changed, so always visit the Tax Agency's website, where there is detailed information about what services are included in the root deduction.

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