Here's how to maintain your roof. Here you will get good 6 tips on roof maintenance and key points that can extend the life of your roof.

Then you're holding your roof. 6 Tips for Thanksgiving

Then you're holding your roof. 6 Tips for Thanksgiving

There are no roofs that are completely maintenance-free no matter what roofing you have. Therefore, it is important to ensure that small bugs do not become major problems. As a homeowner, you can save a lot of money.

By walking through the roof a couple of times a year and fixing what is visible and noticeable, the roof can last for many years longer than a non-maintained roof.

How to maintain your roof roof:

1st Keep the roof clean from twigs, barrels and moss.

b) The chimney roof is also a common place for moisture and rotting damage. The reason may be that the lower chimney fitting on the outside has loosened or roasted so that water can flow through the stomach.

Also check:

c) Ventilation pipe and stator vent.

d) The roof ventilationsstosar.


When you examine or perform the work on your roof, use Protective Parts. A protective belt costs a lot to buy but can be rented for about 250 kr per day.

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