What does a chimney sweeper do? A chimney sweeper has many tasks on his agenda. Here you will find brief information about chimney sweep services.

This is a chimney sweeper

This is a chimney sweeper

A chimney sweeper has many tasks on his agenda and his / her services can be well-versed on many occasions. They inspect, assemble and serve not only large as small chimneys and fireplaces. They are also experts in ventilation systems of various kinds.

Chimneys and fireplaces

A chimney sweeper is often associated with a must - he or she comes to a certain extent and the invoice comes literally as a letter with the mail. The intervals the chimney sweep comes with is determined by the municipality and is part of the fire prevention function that the chimney sweeper represents. But the chimney sweeper can do more than that when it comes to chimneys.

- Checking and keeping clean in the chimney

- Status checking of existing fireplace.

- Inspection of fireplaces after blasting in the area.

- Installation inspection confirming that the new fireplace

- Risk analysis on transfer.

- Can provide advice and tips on chimney or fireplace mistakes.

Heating system

Wood, pellets or oil-heated houses have a little extra to gain to use a chimney sweeper, as they can also help with:

- Control of the effective heating systems in the house

- Installation of cleaning shutters and adjustment damper

- Fans and units as well as ventilation system

- Ventilation systems In homes and premises there is a big part in the chimney sweep everyday. The fans and the aggregates belong to the systems and the chimney sweeper can contribute:

- Cleaning and inspection of fans and units

- Ventilation engines and speed counter service

- Installation of duct systems, as well as dismantling

- Cleaning and Cleaning the duct system

- Changing the filters in the hoods and other ventilation systems


Many chimney sweepers also offer certain services that are included with the roof:

- Cleaning of the quay and installation of quayside

- Control of roof protection devices

Where do I find a chimney sweeper?

There are about 1500 certified chimney sweepers in the country. They can work in independent companies or be directly employed by the municipality. It is easiest to get the chimney sweep through the municipality, which is responsible for the inspection of the fireplaces in its municipality. You can also look for yellow pages online. It is very important that the chimney sweeper is SSR-approved. This means that he or she has the competence to inspect fireplaces and chimneys and is a quality guarantee. To get a new fireplace or chimney approved by the municipality, the chimney sweeper must be SSR-approved.

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