Choosing Tiled Flooring? Here you will get good impartial tips on clinker and tile floors as well as when to buy and add tile floors to your project.

Tiled Floor - Tips for Choosing Flooring of Tiles

Tiled Floor - Tips for Choosing Flooring of Tiles

Tiled floors are easy to handle, durable and beautiful floors. The tile fits perfectly as floor coverings in most rooms and is an affordable option on the market. Additionally, it is cheaper than buying natural stone.

What is clinker?

Klinker is a type of ceramic tile that is laid on the floor. They are like tiles made of clay, but have a much higher material density. It makes it more durable for weight and wear. The higher thickness also comes in handy when the heat pipes are placed underneath the floor. Due to the density of the material, there is no risk of cracking due to the density of the material. Instead, tiled floors are an excellent material for laying on top of heat blades, whether it is water-borne heat or electric hobs we are talking about.

Selecting and laying tile floors

Tiled floors are common and Handy in rooms whose floors are heavily loaded. It concerns bathrooms, kitchens and halls. But a beautiful tiled floor is also beautiful in the living room, in the bedroom and in the living room. They can withstand high strain and are scratch resistant. It takes many years before a tiled floor looks worn out. With all the shades and sizes available in the trade, it is easy to create a floor with both patterns and a beautiful shape. Unlike many natural stone slabs, tile floors also tolerate most detergents without staining or discoloration. The laying should be done on a very flat surface. A primer may be required. Select a joint that matches the color. Often the result of the flooring with tiles becomes better if a skilled professional manages the job. It is a floor that requires both knowledge and accuracy to lay correctly and nicely.


Klinker can assume almost any color and the tiles are manufactured in a variety of sizes. It makes it easy to find a vowel that fits. For example, it is possible to have a veneer similar to natural stone, or in beautiful and clear colors, depending on the taste and taste. There are also both glazed and unlaminated tiles to choose from. Glazed tiles become slower and shine in the expression. The glazed clinker therefore comes more often in smaller sizes and in mosaic form. Unlatched tiles provide a matte and soft feel. On the other hand, the tiled plates are more sensitive to dirt as they do not have the same protective surface.

Buying tiled floors

There is a huge selection of tiled floors in the market in all price ranges. The simpler clinker plates cost a few hundred pieces on the market, while exclusive clinker runs around the thousand or more per square meter. Make sure that the clinker purchased is resistant to the load that the floor should be exposed to. Lower quality rivets are often thinner and can in the worst case break. Therefore always put on quality when choosing tiles for your floors.

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