Tiles and tiles for tiled floors and tiled walls with paint. Here you will find tips before choosing the tile for tiles and tiles for the bathroom.

Tiles and tiles for tiled floors and tiles

Tiles and tiles for tiled floors and tiles

Fogbruk is the material that is placed between the tiles or the tiles in a bathroom. The main purpose of the joint is to provide a finish on the bathroom's floor and walls and to provide a clean surface that can be cleaned in a simple and handy way.

Painting on joinery

Those looking for joinery in the building store soon realize that There are a variety of color shades to choose from. What color is chosen is of great importance for how the end result is perceived. Although a tile fog may not seem so much in itself, the color of the tile gives the tiles a structure and emphasizes or attenuates the color of the tiles. The tiles of the tiles determine which color is the best. An entirely white tile, for example, gives a completely different impression if it is set with white or darker joints. The white cookie frog is also crazy for colored plates, as it emphasizes the color of the tiles. A white tile fog is, however, somewhat difficult to keep clean. Every little bit of dirt is clearly visible. Here is a matter of balancing a lightweight bathroom and the desired color.

Replacing a cupboard or dyeing it

It is not entirely unusual for the cookie frog to be reconverted after a number of years. Cracks and drips can occur for various reasons. Then the joint can be changed. This is done by carefully scraping away the damaged cookie fox and replacing it with a new joint. However, it is important to avoid scratching too deeply. The substrate must not be damaged. There may be a problem with the shade of the cookie frog if the broken joint is of older model. In fact, it is possible to buy a joint paint that can be put on all joints. Then the color will be the same throughout the bathroom again. This color is also good if the color of the joint is considered to be false from aesthetic angle, but by the way, it is completely complete. You can also buy a fog finish. It is a product that protects the joint and freshens old joints.

Seal seal

The person who knows that they will have a problem with discoloration and dirt on the joint or as newly renovated joint in a bathroom can also choose a joint seal . The joint seal protects the joint and makes the joint easier to keep clean without giving a different color than the joint has.

Think of

The best results are given about joint and bonding, as well as substrates for dirt layers are from the same brand. These products are often included in an entire system and complement each other. If different brands are used, there may be problems with how the different layers complement each other, which can lead to moisture problems.

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