Installing a tile stove with chimney? Here you will find good tips on tiled ovens and make it yourself a description of how to build a tiled stove with chimney.

Tiled Ovens - Great Tips for Installing a Tiled Oven

Tiled Ovens - Great Tips for Installing a Tiled Oven

In this article on how to install a tile oven, you will find detailed information and step by step instructions with explanatory photographs on how to build and inserting a tiled stove with chimney.

The stove's popularity has varied from time to time. Nevertheless, this heating device has been estimated for almost a millennium. During the demolition race after World War II, when the entire quarter of houses from the 1700s and 1800s was leveled with the ground, it was thought that the tiled stove period had ended. But it was not. Many klenoder were torn with care and were labeled to be able to be re-walled. This is now happening in many cases, and some new productions have started.

There is a lot of truth in the old well-known statement that nothing is new under the sun. Not even as current as an energy committee is any exception. As of January 27, 1767, the Council of the Kingdom appointed such a committee with the unique task of constructing fuel-efficient fireplaces. The committee or the investigation consisted only of two persons: architect Carl Johan Cronstedt and General Major Fabian Wrede. As investigators, the men worked exemplarily quickly.

In a historical description, "all proposals were based on the same principle, a system of channels through which the smoke was forced to pass before it went into the chimney. This reduced fuel consumption considerably, while the accumulating and heat dissipating capacity of the tile stove could be maximized. "

One of the proposals presented by the committee made a great deal of success in both Sweden and Denmark. The sliding damper was a novelty in this proposal, which was developed into the fireplace that is actually called "the Swedish tile stove". It is also this type of tiled stove that is the basis of the modern, more or less ready-made, tiled ovens. The newly-awakened interest in tiled ovens can largely be linked to the great decorative value of the well-tiled ovens, not to mention old-fashioned charm. But the biggest value of the tiles is nevertheless their energy-saving function. But there is reason to be observant when choosing make and type the tile oven. Even though newly made tiled ovens in some respects are simplifications of the really old-fashioned types, there is a big difference between tiles and tiled ovens.

Someone has described the tile chambers as disguised fireplaces, and it is in fact very much in this statement. A fire in the tile cooker provides fast and hot heat for a short while, while the tiled oven provides even heat for a long time. Some tiled ovens can even heat up to 20-30 hours. Of course, the long smoky roads and the heavy material give the brick kilns this great advantage. But the big mass can also be a disadvantage. A tiled stove can not be mounted on ordinary wooden floors, but it has to rest on a stable concrete foundation.

Function of a tiled stove

13. If you have regularly used the water pass, you can now finish the masonry with a plate in the chimney opening.

14. The roof is sealed with sealant and plate fittings around the chimney door.


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