Which roof tiles should you choose? Here you will find tips on different types of roof tiles. You will learn more about tiles, concrete tiles, fiber cement boilers and tiles.

Tiles - Tips on different types of roof tiles

Tiles - Tips on different types of roof tiles

Tiles come in several colors and colors. They also have different structure and properties. It is important to choose roof tiles to suit the soul and appearance of the house. The slope that the roof has and the wallet also determines which boiler fits best.


Plate roofs have traditionally been seen as just sheet metal roofs, but today there are roof tiles in different colors and patterns. It gives the impression of being a living roof and can be more or less like tiles.

Plates are maintenance-free and have the advantage that moss rarely gets attached to the plate. It is also worthwhile to put a plate roof. On the other hand, the plate is more wind sensitive and therefore the plate must be attached properly to withstand the weather and wind.


It is very important that the roof tiles get the correct underwork and that they are properly laid. Most people therefore take a professional roofer to carry out the work. With the right craftsman comes guarantees for the work. They are right in it, not least because the work is also very risky with the high altitude. The ROT deduction can be used for repositioning rooftop roofs.

Rules can be changed, so always visit the Tax Agency's website skatteverket.se where there is detailed information about what services are included in the root deduction.

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