What tools, tools and other tools do you need when renovating? Here you will find great tips and brief information about what you need when renovating roofs.

Removing tools and tools

Removing tools and tools

To make your roof renovation and facilitate a change of roof, you need good tools and tools. It's an old truth that good tools and good tools are half the work. And that's very correct when you change your mind. In this article we will review the tools and tools that are good at hand for a roof renovation when you are going to do the renovation of your roof yourself.

Some roofing materials offer lifting the roof tiles directly on the roof with a crane truck. But that's not always possible. The land on the garage may not bear the weight of the crane. If you have a bucket, it can be difficult for the crane to drive in. You can have trees in the way of the crane, as well as wires.

In cases where the roof tiles can not be lifted by a crane car, a brick conveyor is priceless, it is possible to carry the roofing material, but it is a really hard work as can cause occupational injuries. Tile conveyors are available for rent.

Container to discard the old roofing material. A 10-cubicle container is used for most roofs of normal size. The landings leave, pick up the container and empty the contents of the tip. Not using a container means very heavy carrying and many trips to the tip.

Safety harness, do not risk life on the roof It is easy to trip, always use a safety belt when working on the roof. Safety harness is available for rent.

Scaffolding is a matter of course in a roof renovation. Mounting the hinges, footrests and putting the first cardboard rack on the roof without scaffolding is hardly risky. Use scaffolding!

Angle cap for cutting roof tiles. Sometimes, roof tiles need to be cut at the winds and at the chimney. An angle grinder can be rented, buy to a good skive board. Use goggles and breathing masks when cutting the roof tiles.

Other tools and machines for roof renovation

1. Tumstock 2. Angle hook 3. Waterpass 4. Hammers 5. Cutting saw 6. Drill with 4 mm coromant drill 7. Angle grinder with skive board 8. Head or brick 9. 9. Iron 10. Stapler 11. Pen.

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