Towel Dryers for Bathrooms. What do you need to think about, what should you choose, which towel dryer is the best? Here you will find great tips on energy efficient towel rails and worth knowing whether to choose watercourse or electric towel to your bathroom.

Towel Dryers - Energy-efficient Towel Dryer

Towel Dryers - Energy-efficient Towel Dryer

Towel Stoves not only provide hot and dry towels but also better circulation in the bathroom, which in turn reduces the risk of moisture and mold damage. But there are some things you need to know before choosing towel dryer. The first thing you should know is that there is a wide range of towel rails to choose from. Start by looking at the conditions of your bathroom.

What does your bathroom look like, what dimensions have the surface where you can place the towel dryer, can you connect a water-based towel to your existing heating system or if you need to choose an electric towel dryer. There are also combined towel rails ie. both connected to the existing heating system and with an electric cartridge. Also consider what fits your size, shape and material.

Selecting the towel dryer

The easiest way is to install an electric towel dryer that requires no connections other than power. It is filled with a circulating fluid and has a small electrical cartridge that stands for the heat completely independent of the house's heating. Just keep in mind that it is important that electricity is supplied in accordance with current regulations and regulations.

Do you have water-borne heat in the bathroom, such as A radiator is an economical alternative to utilizing the water for the towel dryer. Even then it may be interesting to buy a water-borne heated towel rack with an electric heater that warms the summer time when the water heating can be switched off.

Another option is to use the hot water on the way to a bathroom mixer, but then you have to choose the right kind of towel dryer to make the pipes not to roast.

Towel dryers are many times actually the most useful in summer because that's when the humidity is highest. But the towel dryer does not remove any moisture, it must still be vented! Turning off the underfloor heating and letting the towel dryer take care of the summertime heat is a worse idea. Heat rises upwards and underfloor heating thus gives better effect and warms the entire room.

Towel dryers and underfloor heating

Towel dryers with constant heat work well together with underfloor heating. If you have a towel dryer with thermostat, this and the floor heating thermostat can counteract one another only one of the heaters. Special settings and features may be required to avoid this.

To ensure that you do not waste unnecessary energy, look at the towel wipers with energy-saving functions, such as thermostat, timer control or temperature control. A simple variant is to install the towel dryer with the switch and turn it off when it is not required!

In the event of a permanent electrical installation, all electrical work must be carried out by a qualified electrician and the installation must be in accordance with current power requirements.

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