Underfloor heating under flooring? What should you think of when laying wooden floors on underfloor heating? Here you will find good tips on choosing underfloor heating and considering laying underground or electric floor heating under a wooden floor.

Underfloor heating under floor heating - Tips for the choice

Underfloor heating under floor heating - Tips for the choice

Wooden floors are popular. Underfloor heating as well. However, the combination is not quite easy to combine. When wood is a living material that expands and moves along the temperature and humidity level in the air, the floor heating, if not properly planned and installed, may cause problems.

Choose the right floor

Wooden flooring is a living form of floors that are affected by heat and moisture. Heavy fluctuations in temperature, or differences in the temperature of different sides, make the wood expand or collapse. Many homeowners testify that cleaning the plank often gets slippery at certain times of the year, while these glides completely disappear when the temperature changes. Wooden floors are also in themselves well-insulated floors. When underfloor heating is designed to heat the underside of the floor, and to heat the heat through the floor itself as a medium, the effect becomes somewhat smaller with wooden floors than when, for example, clinker is used. Klinker, which is stone, leads heat very well.

Choose thin floors

To ensure that the floor heating becomes effective under a wooden floor, the floor should not be too thick. Then it will be tough for the heat to penetrate the thick veins and heat the house. The thicker the floor, the higher the temperature required. It also makes the difference between the temperature on the bottom and the top of the page big and in the worst case, the wood can hit. The lamella floor is generally somewhat more durable than solid wood floors. It is always advisable to consult a professional if the floor is suitable for floor heating.

Select the right floor heating under wood floors

To ensure that the floor is not moving too much, the floor heating should always be used with extreme care. Firstly, do not heat the heat on and off anyway, without distributing as even heat as possible. In addition, it should be as small as possible. The floors should never be warmer than 27 degrees. It is also important that the entire floor is heated evenly so that there is no temperature difference between different parts. This makes it extremely important that the installation of underfloor heating is done correctly.

A handshake is recommended, although it is not absolutely necessary for waterborne underfloor heating, except that a pressure test and connection of the shunt and distributor to the heating system should be carried out engagement. In the case of 230V electric floor heating, you do not have to do anything yourself in addition to purchasing the floor heating system yourself. The entire work of the electric floor heating must be carried out by an electrician. However, there is an exception for electric low-voltage underfloor heating. Low voltile underfloor heating below 50 volts is classified as harmless and may be installed and placed without permission.

Keep the heat of

When laying a new wooden floor on floor heating, the floor heating should be switched on. The floor itself should also be in the intended temperature for at least one day before the laying to reduce the risk of gaps occurring. It is always recommended to place a vapor barrier under the wood floor when installing underfloor heating. It protects the wood floor from penetrating moisture from below. However, there should be no double sealing layers. Then moisture can be sealed between the sealing layers and cause problems. However, as there is a slightly greater risk of moisture damage in the event of floor heating, it is extra important. The reason that there is an increased risk of moisture damage is that the moisture can start to wander when switched on and off when the temperature changes sharply.

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