Select vertical cutter, what do you need to think about? Here you will get good tips on the pros and cons and how to air and get rid of moss with a vertical cutter.

Vertical cutter helps moss in lawn

Vertical cutter helps moss in lawn

There are a lot of efforts that can be made to transform a tired old lawn into a lush oasis - without having to change the whole lawn. One of the more efficient methods is to use a vertical cutter, a machine that both airs the roots of the grass, which removes dead roots and mosses in the lawn.

Green grass

A vertical cutter looks almost like a lawn mower but used to make the grass green. It does the machine by tracing slots in the lawn and thus allowing the grass roots to get the oxygen they need. Vertical cutters should be used a couple of times a year, and the result is guaranteed.

The grass becomes really greener. The grooves are created by the machine having rollers on the underside. On the rollers there are knives fixed that cut the ground when the vertical cutter is crossed over the lawn. It gives small slots in the lawn and non-desirable materials, such as moss and dead material are just in danger.

The same applies to the roots on the grass near the surface. This causes the roots of the grass to look down, where there is nutrition in the ground.

Electric or powered

Modern vertical cutters are available in both electric and power-driven options. But there are also cordless battery-powered options. The cordless can be difficult to achieve good effect, but are handy to work with.

When the vertical cutter is not used as many times a year, it may be worth choosing a machine with a higher power or an electrical cord.


The vertical cutter rushes up a lot of mosses, especially in old gardens. The moss can be collected in a collector, ripped or left on the lawn as future fertilizer. This means that the amount of moss that ends up in the collector becomes large.

Therefore, the collector is often almost in the way. It needs to be emptied at least every ten minutes. Instead of being a help, eternal drainage can instead cause more work. Better then ripping off the moss.

Pros and cons

The best thing about the vertical cutter is that the need to fertilize the lawn is reduced if used regularly. The so-called grass is also becoming more green and dense. The method really works.

The disadvantage is that a vertical cutter is expensive to buy. Especially given that it is used only a few times a year. The price is $ 1,000 and upwards for vertical cutters intended for wild gardens.

Selecting vertical cutters

When selecting vertical cutters, it is important to look at both quality and safety. The quality of the various cutters in the market varies greatly. On the other hand, it is not always the one who has the highest price which is the best. It is possible to find a bargain.

Compare between different brands, in terms of performance, width of rollers and other parameters that may be important. Most manufacturers keep the security high with dead man's grip. However, it is an advantage if the dead man's grip follows the entire bracket on the machine.

Another important detail is the ergonomics. It will feel comfortable to work with and it's no disadvantage if you can adjust the height of the rollers.

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