Wallpaper saves correctly. Instructions on how to set wallpaper on a wall and wallpaper selection tips, planning to wallpaper and calculate wallpaper rolls.

Wallpapering? Here's how to choose and set wallpaper

Wallpapering? Here's how to choose and set wallpaper

Time to reset wallpaper? In this article you will find detailed information and make it yourself instructions with explanatory photographs that show you what you do when setting up wallpaper.

To wallpaper where at home is like shaking off the winter coat and wearing them new fresh spring clothes. In springtime you become a new person, and no room transforms as radically as when you get new wallpapers. It really does not matter what kind of wallpaper you choose: single-colored, striped or checkered, floral or strict shield pattern, smooth or textured, light or dark, clear or dark colors.

The wallpaper selection is not just a flavor of colors and motifs . It also has effects to do. Bright wallpaper, for example makes the room appear bigger. Dark wallpaper has the opposite effect. But the lights can also contribute to a little cool atmosphere, while the darkness creates intimacy. Crumbling colors and sharp patterns, like big pattern motifs, can be both deliberately and unconsciously annoying. A single-colored wallpaper, or one with discreet pattern, is usually seen as calming and harmonious.

Even the ceiling height can be affected by wallpaper. Obviously, it's an optical villa, but vertical stripes make the room higher, while a horizontal edge makes it lower. The wallpaper selection is always exciting, but here it's about setting up an ordinary paper tray without proper pattern matching.

"Training Rolls"

The technique of paper-wrapping simple paper stacks is essential for all tapestry. It's not hard to switch to new wallpapers, but if you've never tried it before, you should expect some "training rolls."

The wallpaper game becomes smaller if you avoid the most common mistakes:

1. Wash, flush and grind so that the substrate is completely even.
2. Do not be in a hurry and not an overly flawed equipment.
3. Do not tap on a damp surface that will loosen the wallpaper.
4. Do not tap on color under layers that shine through the new wallpaper.
5. Paste so smoothly and smoothly that you avoid blistering.

Worth knowing about wallpaper symbols

A great advantage of modern wallpaper is the symbol system that provides clear message about color density, washability, pattern matching, etc. . The symbols are not difficult to interpret.

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