Worth knowing about wallpaper tools. Here you will find good tips on wallpaper tools to use in furniture renovation and on wallpaper tools.

Wallpaper Tools for Wallpaper Furniture

Wallpaper Tools for Wallpaper Furniture

It may seem that a wallpaper maker is the one that hangs wallpaper and therefore the wallpaper tools are sticker brushes, cutter blocks and socket cutters. But that's not the case at all. A wallpaper maker - the word comes from the French tapestry, which refers to image and embroidery is the craftsman who stops, dresses and dresses furniture, manufactures pillows and mattresses, arranges curtain sets and more. Therefore, the tools include special hammer, pliers, hand guns, scissors, knives and needle tools of different types, so-called tapestry or wallpaper tools.

In the 17th century our ancestors began to feel tired of sitting on cushions and pillows that were never quiet and which was quite quickly flattened and became messy. As a consequence, they began replacing the loose cushions against solid padding. Thus, a new craft tradition, the wallpaper maker, was born in the next centuries, creating accommodation comfort for men and other burghers.

As always, the demand for luxury increased. Stopped materials such as clean hairs, ferns, hay and white moss were exchanged for straw and roots, which were replaced by more modern and even softer materials. By the end of the 1800s, tapestry art flourished like never before. One stopped and dressed up more elegant furniture so that only the chair legs seemed. Even these are often hidden by beautiful fringes.

At that time the wallpapers were also a highly regarded craftsman's corner. It is still in itself, although in its traditional role it remains only as a rest from a single time.

The professional occupants of the wallpaper are mainly concerned with the renovation of old furniture, but in addition to this professional activity, the wallpaper artist has evolved into a significant make-up -self and hobby activities. At present, everyone is keen on preserving old style furniture, and since the quality of older furniture is often very high, it is worthwhile to provide, for example, sofas and armchairs with new padding and new clothing.

Because you can often use the old clothes As a template when the new one is to be cut out, this is what most people can do.

There is nothing that says that for a particular tapestry work, you need all these tools. The list is so complete that you should be able to handle them Most situations:

1. Tacker
second Pin apparatus
third Half-round file
4. Magnetic Hammer
5th Pin Hammers
6th Rubber mallet
seventh Saddle Earth tensioner
8th Staple or staple extractor
10th End cutters
11th Less scissors
12. Tapetserarsax
13th Lädersax
14th Universal knife with replaceable blade
15. Industrial razor
16th Hook Needles
17th Double-pointed needle
18. Wallpaper Needles (Strong Button Needles)
19. Syl
20th Folding rule
21st Tape
22nd Tailors
23rd Marker
24th Sewing Machine.

By shouting renovation items at auction and then replacing worn out padding and upholstery, for example, young families for a moderate money can build a quality and appearance-rich furniture.

Tapisser art is not easy, but if one really go in to be careful, do not work hard and use appropriate tools and materials of high quality, anyone can become a skilled wallpaper maker. It only applies to daring to try.

If you ignore the sewing machine, the tools you need are quite simple and not expensive. In the image above you will find out more about what tools are needed.

Special tools or good replacements

Going for traditional tapestry tools is no easy task. Among the homeowners' usual tools dealers, you are combining zero. With them, rarely have anyone ever heard of German Tolknubb hammer, French crescent knives, stickards and primaries.

Still, you can still get what you need to handle a tapery job. Secondly, you can consult the tapestry shops and service companies for these, which are available in the yellow pages of the directory, and you can also use a variety of replacement tools.

There are quite a lot of what you can call replacement tools. It only applies to finding them and using the terms that apply today. You have probably not heard a spell iron. That's the name of a regular publisher in the language of the tapestry.

Are you the adventure owner of older tapestry tools, you are wise to use them, while at the same time worth them. Some of them are or will be klenoder.

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