Which washing machine should you choose and what should you think of? Here you will find great tips about washing machines when choosing a washing machine for your laundry.

Washing Machines - Good Tips When Choosing a Washing Machine

Washing Machines - Good Tips When Choosing a Washing Machine

A washing machine is a must in every man's home. For many, it's just and just a must, but investing properly on a good quality washing machine is worth it in the long run. A high-quality washing machine makes the laundry cleaner while keeping the energy consumption low. In addition, a high quality washing machine stays longer. This is why not just gazing down on the price when a new washing machine is to be purchased.

Size of washing machines

There are plenty of washing machines on the market. It may be hard to know which one is preferable. A basic and very important aspect is to begin with the size of the machine, and whether it should be front or top fed. What size does it take? The standard width is 60 cm, but there are both bigger and smaller models than that. In the smaller washroom, a 45 cm model can fit better. In really small spaces, a wall hung or an extra ground machine may be preferable. More important to many is how many kilos the washing machine can be loaded with. The most common standard models load between four and six kilos, but there are also those that can handle up to eight kilos.

Energy consumption

Another very important part of the choice of washing machine is the amount of energy required to wash the laundry clean . Washing machines, like other appliances, are classified in different energy classes. Class A is the most energy efficient, and there is also a plus at the edge of the machines that are extra energy efficient. A machine can have a maximum of three plus in the edge of its energy economy. The same system is also used to indicate how efficient the centrifuge is. In some cases there is also a percentage after the A-rating. The percentages indicate how much energy-efficiently the A-rating requirements are as the machine.


The entry of clothes can be done through the front or from the top of the washing machine. In Sweden, almost all washing machines are front-fed, but more top-fed models are launched. There is a big advantage with the top-fed options, which seem to have passed many Swedes. They are more ergonomically designed, since the loaders do not have to bend down to fill the machine. Another great advantage is that top-fed washing machines do not require as much space as a front-fed machine.

Features of a washing machine

Washing machines are getting more and more features. Digital displays with LED lighting and advanced applications are just some of the details that can be included. Some newer models also know how much laundry is added to the machine, and then adjust programs and water usage according to this weight. It provides efficient washing, which does not consume more water or energy than necessary. The sensation has different names depending on the brand that offers the finesse, but basically it is a digital wave that affects the program options in the machine.


The appearance may not be the most important with a washing machine hidden in a laundry . On the other hand, the design of the machine is important in so far as it is functional and easy to work. In addition, the design of the displays is very important. It should be easy to read the possible options and to set the machine to the program that suits you best. It is an advantage if the machine tells you how far it is left on the program. The fact that the machine is equipped with a child restraint can of course be felt, but check for extra time for safety. In fact, not all machines have it.

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