Do you want waterproof housing against water leakage? Here you will find tips on water alarms and how to waterproof the residence against water leaks.

Water alarm - Water proof water leakage house

Water alarm - Water proof water leakage house

Every year, the value of almost SEK 5 billion is wasted due to water-damaged houses and fixtures. When the leak is a fact, it can be difficult to detect. Before it is discovered, it often spreads a lot of water before it can be stopped. A water alarm can therefore be a good household insurance.

Different water alarms

A large part of the problem with water damage is that the wires are often hidden under the floor and in the walls. In the kitchen they are often placed under the cupboards and covered with moldings. This makes the leaks difficult to detect. It is only when the moisture damage has become so large that it is visible to the naked eye as it is detected. In the basement it can also be difficult to detect leaks, as few of us spend a lot of time there.

Simple Water Alarms and Housekeepers

The simplest form of water alarms are the alarms that are placed under kitchen benches near the water pipes. These, like the flames, emit a high signal when it feels the moisture. These alarms cost a slight pretty slant and work well. Do not forget to make sure the batteries only work. A little more complete then the house guards are. These react both to electricity and water problems and also disconnect the power if necessary. A housekeeper is usually connected to individual machines and also regulates power supply and water supply so that nothing is done if the machine is on. It can also respond to warriors such as fire detectors and the above-mentioned water detector.

Float switch

The person who has his own water entering via basements or other floods can also easily install a float switch. When the power switch is raised by water masses, the water pump turns off. One such is reliable, convenient and cheap in purchasing.

Removing water pressure

A clear, more advanced system is automatic systems that also affect the water pressure when alarms are triggered.

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