How do you water kitchens? Here you will find tips on protecting the kitchen from water damage and water leakage with leakage protection as drip trays and floor coverings.

Water Injury in Kitchen - Easy to Prevent - 4 Simple Tips

Water Injury in Kitchen - Easy to Prevent - 4 Simple Tips

It is better to appear than to occur. This is especially true when it comes to water damage in the kitchen. Every year, Swedish households are allowed to pay millions of kronor to clean and renovate after the damage caused by water leakage. In many cases it is completely unnecessary. Through some simple and inexpensive precautions, the house can be secured against accidents caused by dripping water pipes, leaky refrigerators and dishwashers.

Small water leakage damages a lot

The kitchen is one of the places where water damage can occur. The big water leakage may not always make much use, but on the other hand, a big leak is also noticeable. Worse it is with less water leakage, so-called drop leakage. They can last for months without the people who use the kitchen to notice it. Even less water leakage can cause a lot of trouble and costs, if not more than a big leak. This is especially true because a deterioration has taken place and water tends to wander on the floor and walls and floors. A simple and inexpensive solution is to waterproof the kitchen.

Floor protection under the dishwasher

In accordance with current standards, refrigerators, freezers and dishwashers must be fitted with a protective cover. In the trade they often go under the name of drip protection trays. The tiles are shaped like a plastic tub with a flat front. If water leakage occurs in the appliances, the water walks towards the front of the machine. Then the problem will be detected immediately. At the same time, no water can flow behind the appliances or the benches. Such a car costs a few hundredfolds, but is worth a lot when the accident is over. It is also possible to place a complete floor cover under all cabinets. It effectively stops leaky cranes and wires from destroying floors and furnishings.

The sink

The sink is another place where water leakage can occur. The protection that is specifically designed for this has the same principle as the leakage shield under the appliances. The difference is that there is also room for sewage and water pipes. To get an effective water protection, a sealing kit is also needed to ensure that there is no slip between pipes, pipes and shields. This is often needed to be purchased separately.

Cheaper Insurance

These simple and cheap efforts meet the requirements for water security in a kitchen. This sometimes gives cheaper premiums to the insurance company. Almost always it gives a less deductible if the accident is still on its way. However, it is important that the installation of the protection is also done properly. There is no need for a skilled worker who does the work, but the work should always be carried out in a professional manner. It can be a security for the individual homeowner to hire professionals to do the job. It's not as expensive as it may seem at a start, when the root deduction is valid for the work. In addition, the extra security provided by the Consumer Services Act is also given. If there is anything wrong with the installation, the company can be asked for the shortcomings.

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