Here you will find great tips on wet room mats, worth knowing when to assemble and how to get a new and affordable bathroom with wet room mat and wet room loss. The figure was the wet room mat in the bathroom. Then it disappeared, to almost completely replaced with tiles. But now the floor and wall mats are on their way back. The reason is that they are cheap, easy to assemble and can be found in a variety of designs and colors.

Wet room mat - Great tips on wet room mats

Wet room mat - Great tips on wet room mats

Tiles have been the norm for a quality bathroom. Wet room mats have been seen as something of a poverty line for some decades. The time seems to go to an end, and it is becoming more and more common that new bathrooms are fitted with wet room mats on walls and floors, sometimes with a part of the room tiled.

Many designs

The development of wet room mats for bathrooms has under recent years have been great. The materials are getting better and more resistant to moisture, durability is increasing ever and there are plenty of patterns and colors to choose from.

Different variants of wet room mats

The most common wet room mats are made in homogeneous PVC. It's a flexible material that makes it quite easy to get rid of edges and bumps. The rugs of the walls are often thinner than the floor mats, where the requirements for durability are extraordinarily high. Wet room stools were common before, and still available today. They basically look like regular wallpaper and are set up in the same way. The wet room resists moisture in the bathroom. There are differences in how resilient wet space loss is against water. Some tolerate moisture, while others tolerate tougher roof.

Smooth and cheap

When the wet room mat is in place in the bathroom, the bathroom becomes an easy-to-clean place. It is especially suitable for households with many people and families with happy and playful children. It is easy to have wet room mats on the walls of the bathroom. The matted bathroom is also an affordable bathroom. Both the purchase and installation of wet room mats and wet room stalls are much cheaper than the chain setting, which makes them attractive alternatives for all price conscious.

Mounting wet room mat

Unlike the tile, a moisture barrier or the like is often not needed to install a wet room mat . The wet room mat is completely waterproof, so only the joints get right and no moisture will leak out of the bathroom. This makes assembly easier than with chain linking. It also saves money for those who want to renovate the bathroom, money that can be used for other purposes. When the bathroom is to be refurbished, some wet room mats are actually approved as moisture barriers. It may be worth investing in such a way to make future renovations cheaper and easier.


One of the weak points in wall mats and floor mats is the joints. It is especially important that these become dense. Good floor and wall mats are welded to facilitate splitting. When installing a wet room mat, a method called the horizontal method is recommended. This means that the wet room mats are not laid on the walls as a wallpaper, but instead swept around the room. This reduces the number of joints and gives a good result. The glue used and any joint foam must be adapted to wet rooms.

Set up yourself or hire professionals?

Because wet room mat is to be in a room where the moisture is high and there can be no joints between the floors, it may be worth the money to hire a professional floormaker and professional to put up the wet room mat. It also gives you as a homeowner or apartment owner an improved insurance coverage if the accident should still occur. The work is counted as home remodeling and is deductible according to ROT.


Rules can be changed, so visit the Tax Agency's website for detailed information about what services are included in the root deduction. Mixing tiles and wet room mat

A bathroom can contain both tile and wet room mat. It is possible to mix freshly between the different materials, to have a unique bathroom and perhaps also to keep costs down. With the often cleaner style of the tile and the beautiful patterns found in the wet room mats, colors and patterns can be varied in infinity. Just keep in mind that if the floor is a wet room mat, it should always be laid before the tiles are installed.

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